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How to Make Kelp XP Farm (1.18) in Minecraft


When first starting out in Minecraft, new players may find themselves confused about the purpose of experience. In spite of the fact that players gain levels in a manner quite similar to that of role-playing games (RPGs), this does not grant them any skill points or boosts in their statistics. Players are able to create an enchanting table once they have obtained the diamond and the obsidian, which are two of the most difficult resources to get in the game. It is at this point that the player’s level becomes significant.

Players will need to have a level greater than 30 in order to access the best enchantments, and each time they enchant an item, they will experience a loss of one to three levels. It is not difficult to see how quickly this may get pricey; however, a number of players have developed an XP farm that is compatible with version 1.18, the most recent patch.

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How to Make Kelp XP Farm (1.18) in Minecraft

How to Make Kelp XP Farm (1.18) in Minecraft

Since version 1.18 of Minecraft was released, the layout of this farm has undergone some minor revisions. Players who are using an older version of the game’s world from the 1.17 patch may want to upgrade their world and also work on updating their farms, since they may no longer function properly in the latest version of the game. In order for players to construct this space-saving kelp XP farm, they will require the following items:

  • 1 container full with water
  • a total of 6 chests
  • 2 smokers
  • 4 levers
  • 1 piston
  • 1 sticky piston
  • 3 torches made of redstone
  • 2 Redstone repeaters as the count.
  • 7 hoppers
  • 6 redstone
  • 2 glass panes
  • 1 sign
  • 1 kelp
  • 6 ladders
  • a total of 2 sand blocks
  • 1 slab made from any variety of block
  • 1 trap door
  • 1 complete stack of any type of construction material

How to Make Kelp XP Farm (1.18) in Minecraft

The vast majority of these materials are not difficult to obtain; however, in order to obtain more valuable items, such as redstone, the player will need to explore the caverns to a significant depth. Players can begin the construction of this Minecraft experience farm once they have gathered all of the necessary ingredients. In comparison to some of the other models, this one doesn’t take up nearly as much room, and it comes with a number of pretty great advantages as well.


Does drying kelp give XP?

Cooking kelp can be done in a stove, a smoker, or even over an open fire. One point of experience is gained for every piece of dried kelp that is removed from a furnace output slot (6.4 experience per stack).

Do potatoes give more XP than kelp?

Kelp is not very useful for levelling up (6.4 experience points per stack), but it can be smelted down and transformed into fuel for the smelter, with some left over for other uses. Potatoes provide a higher amount of experience (22.4 XP each stack); cooked potatoes are a reliable food supply for mid-tier players; and when composted, cooked potatoes produce more bonemeal than raw potatoes do.

How much XP does the Ender Dragon drop?

The first time a player kills the ender dragon, they will receive orbs worth a total of 12,000 experience points, which is 12 times more than any other item in the game, while future kills will only award 500 experience points.

Is kelp better than coal?

Kelp that has been dried and compressed into block form can be burned as fuel in ovens, blast furnaces, and smokers. It has a burning period of four thousand ticks (200 seconds), and it can smelt twenty different objects. This makes the burn time for coal and charcoal 2.5 times longer, but the burn time for a block of coal is only 0.25 times longer.