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Laptop vs. gaming PC – which is right for you?


If you’re a gamer and looking for your next machine, you may well be considering what is best for you. Should you be going for a gaming PC or is now the time to make the switch to a laptop? Gaming PCs provide an incredible experience for hardcore gamers, whether they’re playing the biggest AAA games, or even if they’re just playing at slot sites, but there’s no denying that laptops have evolved too.

It wasn’t too long ago that an avid gamer would never have even stopped to consider a laptop. However, now technology has developed and there is so much packed into such a small machine, things have certainly begun to change. So, what does that mean for your next purchase? Should you be sticking to a trusted gaming PC or is now the time to make the move? Let’s take a look at what each option has to offer.

Gaming PCs are still a powerhouse

Yes, gaming laptops have made a great deal of progress, but the reality is that a Gaming PC is still the best option. Okay, so we’ve said that a little early on so perhaps you don’t feel the need to read on. However, we’re going to take a look at why that’s the case and how, in some circumstances, a laptop could be the right choice.

The first advantage that a gaming PC has over a laptop is to do with graphics cards. Those found in gaming PCs are still much faster than what you’ll ever find in a laptop. While graphics cards for laptops have certainly come on, there is one reason why they’ll just never be able to match what a PC has: it’s all about keeping cool.

The benefits of a cooling system

Of course, gaming PCs are much larger than laptops and that means that they come with larger, and better, cooling systems. This allows everything to work at much faster speeds. As well as allowing for speed, that capacity for cooling also allows manufacturers to go to town when it comes to installing graphics cards. The cooling capabilities of a PC mean that they can use graphics cards that would literally burn out in a laptop.

So, what else does a great cooling system lead to? Well, we have this to thank for more cores, faster speeds and quicker memory. When you put all of these things together, you’re left with a machine that is able to deliver outstanding performance. It’s a performance that laptops just can’t match.

Yet more gaming PC benefits

Okay, we seem to be going one way here but as you keep reading you’ll see why a laptop can just never compete. What else a gaming PC has to offer is versatility. It allows you to pick from literally thousands of components to create exactly what you want. You even have a great selection of cases to choose from allowing you to create something that is really yours.

When it comes to future-proofing, gaming PCs win here too. There’s always the opportunity to upgrade. You can add a new graphics card, additional storage, extra memory or a host of other things. With a laptop, at best, you’ll be able to change the storage and memory. Yes, there are components to choose from but the options are severely limited in comparison to what a PC has to offer.

You’ll also, perhaps surprisingly, find that a gaming PC will be cheaper than a laptop. that’s because when it comes to a PC there’s no need for the manufacturer to squeeze everything into such a small body and there’s no need to include a mouse, a screen or a keyboard.

So, where do laptops come in?

While we’re clearly big fans of the gaming PC option, we won’t deny that laptops have their place. There’s certainly more than one area where laptops have advantages over a gaming PC. It’s just whether or not these are enough to sway you that way.

Of course, the biggest advantage of a laptop is portability. With most laptops weighing less than 2.5kg, these are machines that allow you to enjoy the top games that are out there from anywhere that has a connection. This makes them ideal if you’re limited in terms of space. The full package of keyboard and trackpad not only looks attractive but they save on space and add a touch of convenience.

Newer laptops also have more options than older models when it comes to customisation. As we’ve said before, there are nowhere near as many options as you’ll get with a gaming PC, but the number available is increasing.

Where you’ll need to compromise if you choose a laptop

So, a laptop certainly has its place but if this is the option that you go for then you’re going to have to accept a degree of compromise. When you consider just how much is crammed into such a small space, the need to compromise is hardly surprising.

The big thing is that the lack of an adequate cooling system means that there is just less gaming power. You may well find a laptop that has the same GPU as a desktop but, because of the sheer amount of heat that’s produced it will never be able to run at the same speed as an equivalent PC.

And the winner is…..

The reality is that both options have their plus points. Whether a laptop or a gaming PC is the best option comes down to exactly what you want from your gaming experience. If portability and space matter to you then there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy all that a laptop has to offer.

If portability doesn’t really matter then you’ll find that a gaming PC provides the best experience possible. With cheaper upfront costs, and the ease at which you can future-proof, this really is a highly attractive option.

Whatever decision you make, you can still be sure of being able to access all of the top games and the latest releases and that is what really matters.