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How to Get or Hit the Nape of Different Titan Targets in Fortnite


The crossover event between Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 and Attack on Titan has begun, and the well-known character Eren Jaeger will make an appearance during the course of the event. The best part is that players who have purchased the battle pass for this season will have the opportunity to get the Eren Jaeger skin if they successfully complete a number of different missions throughout the course of the season. In the game of Fortnite, you will learn how to successfully strike the Nape of a number of various Titan targets if you follow the instructions in this video. So let’s get started:

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How to Get or Hit the Nape of Different Titan Targets in Fortnite

Find the cardboard Titans that are strewn throughout the island of Fortnite and use the ODM Gear to slice behind their necks. This will allow you to hit the nape of four separate Titan Targets in the quickest and most efficient manner possible.

1. You can find ODM Gear by exploring the island or by locating a Scout Regiment Footlocker. Finding the basement in Anvil Square, where there is a guaranteed Scout Regiment Footlocker, is a simple way to gain ODM Gear. This basement also contains a guaranteed Scout Regiment Chest. A great number of players have also mentioned seeing stuff strewn about the ground in the area close to the Titan Targets.

2. Proceed to one of the areas shown on your map as containing a Titan Target that has been highlighted by the quest. This is a list of the Titan Targets that are mentioned in the quest.

How to Get or Hit the Nape of Different Titan Targets in Fortnite

3. When you have finally made it to the Target Titan, you will notice a target on its back.

How to Get or Hit the Nape of Different Titan Targets in Fortnite

4. Equip your ODM Gear.

5. Take aim at the Titan’s neck and shoot it.

6. To attack with the ODM Gear, either press R2 or RT on your keyboard, or right-click on the mouse.

How to Get or Hit the Nape of Different Titan Targets in Fortnite

7. As soon as you cut the target from the neck, it will contribute to the overall tally for the mission.

8. To complete the quest, you will need to carry out this task a total of four times.


Where are the Titan targets in fortnite?

When playing Fortnite, it is simple for players to locate the Titan Targets by looking through the western part of the island, specifically around Anvil Square, Shattered Slabs, The Citadel, and Breakwater Bay. What is this, exactly? As soon as you reach each of these sites, there is a significant possibility that you will come into adversarial gamers.

Where is the ODM gear in Fortnite?

In Fortnite, ODM Gear can be discovered in Chests, as treasure on the ground, or in the Footlockers of the Scout Regiment. Footlockers of the Scout Regiment are containers made of wood and can be found in the majority of cases in Anvil Square and occasionally in Guard Towers. The Treasure Hunter Augment, as well as capturing a flag, is a fantastic way to bring attention to these one-of-a-kind chests.

Where is most sniper rifles Fortnite?

Heavy Sniper Rifles are weapons with a rarity of Blue or higher, which means that they are extremely uncommon to discover as floor loot. The greatest places for players to look for these weapons are in chests, supply crates, and occasionally fishing sites.

What is the hardest hitting sniper in Fortnite?

It goes without saying that you’re going to need a sniper. The Boom Sniper is the perfect item to utilize for this purpose because it not only inflicts 85 damage on players that come into contact with it, but it is also a chaotic weapon that makes players confused of where to go when they are hit by it. The shotgun is your second available weapon.