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How to Get Paintball Cat in Pet Simulator X


how to get paintball cat in pet simulator x

Are you a Roblox user hoping to expand your Pet Simulator X collection with the Paintball Cat? There’s no need to look elsewhere because we have all the details you require to get this special pet. As there is a new event in the game where you can get a big paintball car in pet Sim X. So get ready now you are going to have it in no time.

Getting the Big Chef Cat: Before we get into the Paintball Cat, it’s important to note that in My Restaurant game, you can get the Huge Chef Cat for free by serving 100,000 players.

There is another method as well, if you complete 10 thousand kills in my restaurant game then you can get paintball cat for free.

BIG Paintball is a first-person shooter game developed by BIG Game in war scenario. It was created on July 24, 2019 and has been updated on 31st march 2023.

Getting the Hint

There are rumors that Pet Simulator X will soon add the Paintball Cat as a new pet. There is a clue Preston, the game’s creator, has left in the game that suggests this is accurate.

In Pet Simulator X, go to the Trading Plaza and equip the recently added Paintball Launcher to find the hint.

The Relationship with Big Paintball

Preston also owns Big Paintball on Roblox. By completing tasks and hitting milestones, players in this game can earn rewards. You will probably need to complete a 10,000 kills in Big Paintball to unlock the Paintball Cat in Pet Simulator X. This is how the Paintball Launcher in Pet Simulator X and Big Paintball are related.

Advice on Getting the Paintball Cat

The precise number of kills required in Big Paintball to get the Paintball Cat is unknown, but here are some hints to help you along the way:

Get familiar with the Big Paintball game mechanics and practice your aim.

To improve your chances of winning games and scoring kills, try playing with a team.
Watch out for Preston’s announcements or updates about the launch of the Paintball Cat in Pet Simulator X.


Big Paintball is probably going to require some time and effort before you can get the Paintball Cat in Pet Simulator X on Roblox. You can, however, add this unusual pet to your collection with a little perseverance and practice.