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Dave The Diver: Defeat Mantis Shrimp Guide


The waters in Dave the Diver start off pretty safe, but the plot quickly escalates to a much more perilous environment. At some point, you’ll have to take on a particularly formidable foe. The majority of these foes must be vanquished in order to advance the plot, however your choice to do so is sometimes rewarded. Dave The Diver’s missions offer clear objectives with valuable rewards. Defeat the mantis shrimp in Dave the Diver with the help of this article!

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Where are the shrimp in Dave the Diver?

If you look in the Marinca app in Dave the Diver, you’ll see that White Shrimp are present in the Blue Hole Medium Depth (down to 130 meters) both during the day and night. This information is available in the app.

Where To Find The Mantis Shrimp

While Sato is gone, dive into the Blue Hole. Just like the first task, the Vortex will only remain open throughout the stormy night, so you’ll need to perform some night fishing. The Vortex is located to the right at depths of 20-50 meters in rather shallow waters. The precise ultimate location of the Vortex is unpredictable, thus some exploring may be required.

Dave The Diver: Defeat Mantis Shrimp Guide

When you press E to interact with the Vortex, a window will appear announcing the impending boss fight. To proceed, use the space bar. This time, the Mantis Shrimp boss is waiting for you on the other side of the Vortex, so stock up on supplies.

How To Defeat Mantis Shrimp

You can’t use physical force in this fight since Mantis Shrimp always covers its eyes with the gloves and your shots won’t harm any other parts of its body. When the boss uses its left hand to throw a charged punch, it’ll display its eyes for a few seconds, which is the perfect moment to deal damage.

As soon as the combat begins, move to the left side of the field, directly under the boss. If you do this, your boss’s strikes will simply miss you. Hold this posture until it punches you in the left eye with its left hand, and then utilize the sprint swim to quickly ascend and strike.

Dave The Diver: Defeat Mantis Shrimp Guide

If you poke it in the eye, it will launch a jumping assault followed by a leftward water current. A lever will emerge in the upper left corner of the field if this attack is used. This is why avoiding the spikes on the left wall by staying as far to the left as possible is so crucial. Once the animation for the lever appears completes, you can swim to it and bring it down.

After the animation concludes, the camera will zoom in on the boss for a brief moment, but you can still swim to the lever in this time. To move the yellow object in the middle of the field, pull the lever down. When you successfully bring the object in the correct place, the Shrimp will punch it and go into a vulnerable state for a few seconds. Now is the time to swim over and deal as much damage as possible to its eyes.

Dave The Diver: Defeat Mantis Shrimp Guide

You can get more shots off with a Sniper Rifle because you won’t have to swim as far to reach your targets. When the Shrimp recovers from the vulnerable condition, you can go back underneath its arms and follow this cycle until it’s defeated. Avoid the Shrimp’s upper body at all costs; it will slam you into the ceiling as an attack, severely depleting your oxygen supply.

After the final boss has been vanquished, its meat can be harvested and you can return to the surface. In the “Research” section, clicking this cut of meat will reveal a new recipe for Boiled Mantis Shrimp With Soy Paste, which requires only a single Artisan’s Flame to master. One of these dishes can feed a large group of people, but once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.


How do you beat the giant mantis shrimp?

So, after the shrimp has relaxed its defenses a few times, you can shoot it straight in the eye. The “after that” component of the chain, which can be grabbed in the upper left corner of the map, will be triggered by a super punch. To block a tremendous punch, raise the punching bag by pulling down the chain.

What is the best gun in Dave the Diver?

Statistically speaking, the Red Sniper Rifle is unrivaled. This monster has the highest damage per shot of any weapon at 32, the longest range of any weapon at 20, and the most rounds per magazine at three. As befits a sniper’s rifle, this one is incredibly precise, and the laser sight makes aiming a breeze.

Is Maki worth training Dave the Diver?

Your first hire, Maki, is also the best cook you’ll have access to for the duration of the game. She has the highest Cooking stat of any employee, surrendering almost all of her other stats to excel at serving up sushi swiftly.

Who is the best manager in Dave the Diver?

It may thus be claimed that Drae is the best branch manager in the game, and players should absolutely consider spending extensively in his training. However, Drae isn’t the only one on staff that can keep a branch operating smoothly; Kyoko and Raul are also very competent Servers and Cooks (both with 450+ ratings).