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How to Get Plasma Fruit in Sims 4


Plasma Fruit is a type of food item available to Sims in the game that can be consumed in place of human blood (or Plasma, as it is referred to in the game). Good Vampires decide to consume Plasma Fruit as their primary source of nutrition. It is inaccurate to state that these vampires do not enjoy the flavour of human plasma because of this. If they could choose, good vampires would much rather have the agreement of a human to suck from them. You can choose the Good Vampire aspiration for your Sims in CAS or the Aspiration Panel in Live Mode if anything like that sounds right up your alley. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to acquire plasma fruit in The Sims 4. So let’s get started:

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How to Get Plasma Fruit in Sims 4

The Plasma Pack is a type of processed drink that is manufactured from Plasma Fruit. Plasma packs are a necessity for every Good Vampire to keep on hand in case they use up their whole supply of Plasma Fruit. The following is a list of the various methods you can receive them:

How to Get Plasma Fruit in Sims 4

Order Online:

The same way that Sims can order Plasma Seeds from their computer, they can also order Plasma Packs. However, in order for your Sims to have access to this feature on the Vampire Secrets website, they need to have reached Level 3 in the Vampire Lore talent. You will need fifty Simoleons to purchase a bottle of Plasma juice from the store.

How to Get Plasma Fruit in Sims 4

Hunt for Fish and Frogs

For those Sims who are short on Simoleons, catching Frogs or Fish and turning them into Plasma is a viable option. The ability to harvest Plasma from these teeny-tiny collectable creatures is granted to Sims when they reach Level 5 in the Vampire Lore talent. Logs, wells, and ponds are frequent habitats for numerous species of frogs, which can range in size and appearance. In the meanwhile, one can catch fish in any river or lake that is close to a fishing location sign.

How to Get Plasma Fruit in Sims 4


How long does plasma fruit take to grow Sims 4?

There are a few of trees in Forgotten Hollow; I believe one of them is located close to the Vatore house, while the other one may be found on the road that leads to the rocky spot where the enormous dead hawthorn tree is located. After relocating your Sim into Forgotten Hollow, it will take about three to four days for them to become ready for harvesting.

How do you get garlic wolfsbane and plasma fruit in Sims 4?

Once you have reached level 15 in Vampiric Lore, you will be able to acquire the seeds necessary to cultivate garlic, wolfsbane, and plasma fruit. All of them are simple to cultivate, and by the time you are finished growing them, you will most likely have a respectable level of Gardening Skill under your belt.

How do you make plasma drinks in Sims 4?

Have your Sim create a plasma Jane for you at the bar by following the instructions below. The plasma Jane Drink is little more than an elegant method to consume plasma, although it does lend an air of sophistication to a vampire’s supper. Make use of this alternative if you wish to step things up a notch! To prepare this drink, however, the vampire sim needs to have their vampire lure skill at level 9 in order to make it.

Where is dragon fruit in Sims 4?

Growing a Dragon Fruit requires grafting a Strawberry Bush onto a Snapdragon Flower. The seeds for the Snapdragon Flower may be located behind the bungalow in the lower right corner of Willow Creek.

Does Sims 4 have vampires?

With the release of The Sims 4 and the Vampires Game Pack, players now have the opportunity to experience a more sinister side of life in suburban SimCity. Even though they are completely optional in the game and are not required to play, it is almost probable that you will come across at least one or two vampires when you are wandering around the neighborhood.