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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – How to Get Invaded


A unique and enjoyable feature from FromSoftware’s games has been included in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty – Invasions. Two very recent additions to the Soulslike genre are PvP and Co-Op. Since these are campaign and PvE-focused games, including them can make the experience less enjoyable. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty tests these new frontiers by permitting PvP on a few of its battlefields. This post will describe how to become an invader in the long-gone fallen dynasty:

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How to Invade

  • Engage with a War Flag.
  • Go to ‘Online Lobby.’
  • Select “Invade.”
  • Decide which player to go after.

Attacking first will reveal a few qualifiers to players. Players at a higher level will have their equipment and stats modified to fit the opponent. Their health pool has likewise been drastically reduced.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Get Invaded

Because of this feature, the invaded player always has the upper hand in PvP engagements. But not all virtues are created equal, and some late-game weapons are still superior to early game options even when they are trimmed back. Even so, a player with good equipment has a good chance of defeating the individual they invade.

How Do Invasions Work In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty?

You will seek other players who are currently in your immediate vicinity because an invasion will only occur in close proximity to your Battle Flag. Having said that, there are some restrictions on who you can invade in Wo Long.

You can only invade other players who are using the same platform as your PC, Xbox, or PlayStation because the game does not support cross-platform play. Additionally, you can only invade players whose settings allow PvP.

  • Your main objective as an invader is to either take down the world’s host or seize their battle flag.
  • You may encounter several opponents because the host may have several recruits on their side, either in the shape of actual people or NPCs.
  • It’s important to remember, though, that eliminating the recruits does not indicate an invasion victory.
  • Only when you’ve slain the host or taken control of the flag will you be able to defeat the invasion?

Other than that, the invader is not faced with hostile opponents in the game. Thus, their goal will similarly be to kill the host. Naturally, the invaders can exploit these mechanisms to their advantage by using the hostiles as a talking point or as extra support while interacting with the host and their recruits.

Best Way to Getting Invaded

  • Configuration > Online Preferences > Encroachment by Malevolent Players > Permit

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty - How to Get Invaded

For players that do not want an invasion to interfere with their game, this setting will be enabled by default and cannot be turned off. It could be a good idea to leave this on even for people who aren’t interested in PvP. In this method, players can earn awards, and even if the invader has reached the highest level, they are typically at a disadvantage.


How do you turn off invasions in Wu Long?

Go to Settings on the main menu and select Online Settings if you want to avoid being invaded. You will then see the option labeled “Invasions by hostile players.” If you disable that option, players won’t pursue you.

How do you unlock Hong Jing in Wo Long?

After completing Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s The Scarlet Crystal side objective, you can fight Hong Jing. With a variety of Wizardry Spells launched at you during the fight, this mini-boss battle might be challenging.

Where is the Taoist key in wo long?

After defeating Zhupolong, the demon crocodile, near the very end of the stage, is where you’ll find the key. Once the last battle flag has been raised, players should leave the cave. You will find the key in a little niche in the rock as soon as you leave. To advance, they must get the key and finish the level.

Who is the final boss in wo long?

The last boss of Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s Decisive Battle of Guandu level and the game’s ultimate boss overall is Blindfolded Boy.

Who is the boss with the horse in wo long?

The first major boss battle in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass level is Lu Bu. Before you can actually cause any harm, you must free the formidable warrior from his massive horse.