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How To Get Smithing Stones In Elden Ring


The Elden Ring contains a plethora of different weaponry. In Elden Ring, there are a greater variety of weaponry available for use than in most other video games. The ability to swap and alter your loadout at any time and have a significantly different experience in combat is one of the highlights of the game. The sophisticated weapon choices, on the other hand, comes with a price tag attached in the form of a resource requirement.

Smithing Stones and Somber Smith Stones are required to enhance your armament, and you are going to need a lot of them if you want to fully explore the huge lineup of tools. Smithing Stones can be found in caves across the world. Because there are fewer available resources early on, this could become a problem. Either you limit yourself too much and become pigeonholed into one playstyle or you extend them too much and end up with too many weapons that aren’t very powerful. Both are less than ideal.

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What Are Smithing Stones

You need Smithing Stones in order to improve your ordinary weapons from their base level all the way up to level +25. The higher the level you take your weapon to, the more powerful it will become. The following improvement will cost more money, but your base stats and attribute scaling will also grow as a result of this.

It is necessary to have Somber Smithing Stones in order to upgrade special weapons because they are more scarce. These are either weapons that have special abilities or weapons that have been made from Boss Remembrances. These weapons can only go up to a level of +10, but each level provides a more significant increase in power than stones and ordinary weapons do.

How To Get Smithing Stones In Elden Ring

Since the release of patch 1.03, it’s a lot easier to come by Smithing Stones than it was when the game first came out. In addition to the fact that foes will be more likely to lose them in the course of regular combat, many nomad merchants already have a limited supply of Smithing Stones in stock and are ready to sell them.


Exploring the many mines that are scattered over The Lands Between is the simplest way to amass a sizeable supply of Smithing Stones that can be used for crafting. Going through any of the mines in Elden Ring, of which there is at least one in each major region, will almost certainly net you a plentiful supply of stones that are suitable for your level.

For instance, if you go through Limgrave Tunnel, you have a chance to immediately upgrade your standard weapon to a +3 straight away. It is strongly recommended that you deviate from your path in order to investigate this tunnel at an earlier time. However, you need watch out for the dragon.

In addition to this, Limgrave Tunnel is full of foes that have a greater chance than usual to drop Smithing Stones when defeated. Even though they are only your typical level 1 stones, making multiple trips through this tunnel can open up a lot of early-game possibilities for exploration and experimentation.

Bell Bearings

You will start to find Bell Bearings as rewards for exploring new areas or advancing the story as the game progresses. These Bearings can be found throughout the game. These are extremely significant things since they enable you to purchase Smithing Stones with a level bonus of up to +24 or +9, depending on the degree of Bell Bearing you currently own.

Long before you get to the later parts of the game, you can actually purchase your way to a weapon that is nearly at its maximum potential, and long before that, you can design some level-appropriate equipment at your whim. It is strongly recommended that you track these down, and we have prepared a walkthrough that will direct you to each of them.

Nomad Merchants

The Lands Between are filled with merchants that are eager to sell a wide variety of things to anyone who is interested. Cookbooks, hints, complete sets of armour, and complete weapon collections are examples of this. However, as of Patch 1.03, they are also able to sell Smithing Stones, albeit in restricted quantities due to their limited stock. These can be quickly utilized to boost the power of a new or current weapon before Bell Bearings become available. They are extremely inexpensive.


On the western cliffside of the path leading up to Caria Manor in Liurnia of the Lakes is where you will find Iji. Iji is without a doubt one of the most significant merchants in the entire game because he is the only one from whom you can get the extremely uncommon Somber Smithing Stones. After you have obtained Iji, it will be simple to level up any special weapon to level 4 and beyond. Even more convenient for him is the fact that there is a Site of Grace directly across from him.