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How To Get Someone’s IP From Discord


It’s always a good time when you’re hanging out with your buddies and chatting on Discord at the same time you’re playing a cooperative game. However, in order to connect to a friend’s server in certain games, such as Minecraft, you will need the IP address of that friend. It’s possible that you won’t be able to locate their IP address if you don’t have a high level of technical expertise. Because of this, a lot of people are looking for ways to find someone’s IP on Discord, or at least through it. This is something that happens frequently.

In an effort to be of assistance to you, we have conducted all of the in-depth research that was required to discover whether or not it is possible to obtain an IP address through the use of Discord. Let us get started!

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How To Get Someone’s IP From Discord

A person’s IP address can be obtained on Discord in a quick and simple manner by following these instructions, which include only a few steps but are quite successful.

  • Google “Discord IP Resolver” on your device, and then launch the app that comes up.
  • After that, launch Discord and navigate to the top left corner of the screen to access the settings menu. To access the “Develop mode,” the “settings” menu must first be navigated to. This makes it easier for people who are creating bots using the Discord app to retrieve the content menu.

How To Get Someone’s IP From Discord

  • Launch your Discord client, then navigate to the user’s profile, and look for the target there. You can generate the target’s IP address by right-clicking on their profile and copying their ID; this is what you will use to identify the target.

How To Get Someone’s IP From Discord

  • When you have finished copying the ID, open the Discord IP resolver so that you may paste it. You will need to copy and paste the ID into the box that is located at the very top of the page.

How To Get Someone’s IP From Discord

  • After you have copied and pasted the ID, you will be able to see the target’s IP address by clicking the resolve button. The Discord IP resolver will provide you with the information you require, including the target’s Internet Protocol (IP) address and location.

How To Get Someone’s IP From Discord

  • It is essential to keep in mind that the only time you will be able to view the target’s IP address is when they are connected to the internet. Because of this, you must carry out the activity within the period of time that the target is active on Discord.


Are Bans on Discord Permanent?

Discord bans are either temporary or permanent depending on the sort of ban. Server bans occur when a moderator removes a player from a certain server. Those using the same IP address will likewise be unable to access the service. A permanent ban is not necessary. If the moderator so chooses, the banned user will be able to rejoin the server once more.

What Happens If You Ban Someone on Discord?

When a Discord moderator bans a user from the server, the user cannot post, see messages, or send or receive voice chats. Those banned from the server can’t even view other users on that server. Due to the IP-based nature of these bans, anyone else trying to visit the same server will be denied access.

Can You Ban Someone Again After Unbanning Them on Discord?

In spite of the fact that the ban was lifted, it is still possible for a moderator or administrator to ban an individual for good cause. In order to ban this user again, the moderator should follow the same procedure they used the first time around.

Is IP grabbing illegal?

The stealing of IP is not in and of itself criminal; what you do with the information after you have it is what makes the difference. Some websites, for instance, might wish to acquire your IP address in order to check your location so that they can determine the origin of the traffic that is being generated for their site.