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How to Get Speaker Woman Morph in Skibiverse


How to get speaker woman morph in skibiverse

SkibiVerse is a kind of game where you can be a toilet and face off against all sorts of challenges. In this Roblox game, you will explore different areas in a city and defend yourself from lots of enemies. Being a toilet might sound strange but it is part of the fun.

SkibiVerse is a Roblox game that came out on July 11, 2023. It’s a game where you can create and build whatever you want. You also get your own piece of land to play with and tools to build cool stuff.

Even though SkibiVerse is still in the works, it has gained a big following with more than 32 million players. People love it because you can be really creative and there are lots of different ways to play. One of those ways is getting the Speaker Woman Morph and here we are going to explain how you can do it.

You can get speaker woman morph in skibiverse on iOS or Android or any other device where you are playing this game. The procedure would be same.

Step 1: Start the Speaker Woman Quest Before you begin, make sure you’ve activated the Speaker Woman Quest in the game. Look for it on the screen.

Step 2: Find Speaker Woman Now, you need to find Speaker Woman in the game. It is easier if you become a flying character called Speaker Heli. Now follow steps given below:

  • Go where the game tells you to go.
  • Stick to the road and make a left turn.
  • Keep following the road until you reach a big open area.
  • Change into a smaller character to move better in tight spaces.
  • Look to your right and you will find Speaker Woman. Talk to her.
you will find Speaker Woman

Speaker woman without headphones

Step 3: Get the Headphones After meeting Speaker Woman now you need to find her headphones. They might take a little time to show up. Here is what you need to do now:

  • Leave the area where you found Speaker Woman.
  • If you want become a flying character again to move faster.
  • Fly to the industrial area in the game.
  • Cross a bridge, turn left, and keep going on the path.
  • You’ll find an alleyway you might remember.
  • Climb on top of a building and jump down to a small area.
  • There, you’ll see Speaker Woman’s headphones. Click on them.

Step 4: Grab the Energy Drink Your final task is to get an energy drink:

  • If you can, teleport to the industrial area.
  • Use a flying character to get there faster.
  • Fly to the blast road at the end of the path.
  • Cross the bridge, go left, and return to the familiar alleyway.
  • Get on top of a building and jump down to a small area.
  • There, you’ll find the energy drink. Click on it to finish your quest and unlock the Speaker Woman Morph.

Using Speaker Woman Once you’ve got the energy drink, you’ll unlock Speaker Woman. She can do some cool things, like the Sonic Jump. To use it, just jump and press the right button. She’ll do amazing jumps.