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Project Lazarus Roblox Wiki, Script, Gun Tier List and Much More


project lazarus roblox

In this Project Lazarus Roblox Wiki, we have shared below script that can help you fire more even when you single click. Also, we have mentioned below the best gun and gun tier list so enjoy playing Project Lazarus Roblox.

Project Lazarus: Zombies” not only offers an exhilarating gaming experience but also presents players with a diverse array of weapons, each with its unique strength.

In “Project Lazarus: Zombies,” players find themselves in a relentless battle against hordes of zombies. The objective is clear: survive by repairing barriers, purchasing weapons and perks, and completing various objectives. The game introduces a points system, where players accumulate points by eliminating zombies and fortifying barricades. These points become crucial for acquiring better weapons, perks, and power-ups.

As the rounds progress, the challenges intensify with an increasing number of zombies and higher difficulty levels. The game’s variety lies in the diverse objectives players must complete to advance, ranging from defending specific locations to activating power switches strategically placed throughout the maps. Now we will move towards gun tier list.

Project Lazarus Roblox Gun Tier List

In the world of “Project Lazarus,” the selection of weapons can significantly impact a player’s success. To aid players in making informed choices, here is a tier list of guns in the game, ranging from the most potent to those requiring a bit more finesse:

S Tier

  1. AK-47: Versatile and powerful, effective in various combat scenarios.
  2. SL9SD: Integrated suppressor assault rifle, ideal for stealth situations.
  3. Remington 870: Powerful shotgun for close-quarters combat.
  4. M249 SAW: Light machine gun effective against large groups.
  5. Ray Gun: Powerful energy weapon effective against zombies.
  6. Frostbite: Freeze ray that slows down enemies.

A Tier

  1. M4 SOPMOD II: Versatile and reliable assault rifle.
  2. Masada: High-damage assault rifle effective in long-range engagements.
  3. PM-9: High-fire-rate submachine gun for close-quarters combat.
  4. AKS-74U: Compact assault rifle for close-quarters combat and stealth.
  5. MSSR: Powerful sniper rifle effective in long-range engagements.
  6. Remington 700: Bolt-action sniper rifle with high power but a slow fire rate.

B Tier

  1. UMP45: Submachine gun with high fire rate but lower damage.
  2. Ranger: Revolver with moderate damage and a slow fire rate.
  3. K1A: Assault rifle with low damage but a high fire rate.
  4. Barrett 50cal: Powerful sniper rifle effective against vehicles and bosses.
  5. USAS-12: Fully automatic shotgun for close-quarters combat.
  6. Benelli M4: Semi-automatic shotgun for close-quarters combat.
  7. AWP: Powerful sniper rifle effective in long-range engagements.

C Tier

  1. AK-12: Assault rifle with low damage but a high fire rate.
  2. Dragunov SVU: Sniper rifle with moderate damage and a high fire rate.
  3. RPK-74: Light machine gun with low damage but a high fire rate.
  4. TEC-9: Submachine gun with very low damage.
  5. MP5: Submachine gun with low damage but a high fire rate.
  6. KEDR-B: Submachine gun with very low damage.
  7. DP-27: Light machine gun with low damage but a high fire rate.

Project Lazarus Roblox Script

<script> function fireMultipleTimes() { var numberOfFires = 500; for (var i = 0; i < numberOfFires; i++) { document.getElementById(‘fireButton’).click(); } } </script>

This script will fire 500 fires even when you just click for once.

Project Lazarus Roblox Easter egg

There are three easter eggs in project lazarus so far.

  1. When something is gone
  2. See you in hell
  3. Graduation Easter Egg

These easter egg can be activated by collecting two cassette tapes on map. You can find these tapes on the map in random locations. Once you collect both tapes the song will began to play in the background.