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Stray Platinum Trophy Guide


Stray Platinum Trophy Guide

To earn Platinum, you must complete all challenges and first collect all other trophies then you will get tray platinum trophy. The first time should take about four to six hours if you want to get all the Collectibles trophies.

Completely and thoughtfully commented, this Perfect Walkthrough details how to earn the platinum trophy after a single playthrough of Stray.

Note: Keep in mind that the Platinum trophy is exclusive to the PlayStation 4 and 5 versions of Stray if you’re aiming for it. You can’t get it if you’re using a PC to play Stray.

Getting platinum trophy is same you can’t sleep at the start of the game you know before any of the trophies pop.

etting stray platinum trophy is simple when you collect all trophies then go to the control room and activate all the systems using keyboard. Open the panel and scratch it and break it

Completing all the tasks

When completing only the primary goals, the two-hour time limit for a speedrun is more than sufficient (it is even possible to complete the entire game in under two hours if you are familiar with all of the levels).

In order to accommodate for mistakes during the speedrun, you have about 30 minutes. In general, getting platinum is a quick and easy process that anyone can complete.

Other Trophies will help You in Getting Platinum Trophy

Nonetheless, you may find that it takes more time than we anticipated to obtain the Platinum Stray award. It’s possible you’re stuck on the ‘I am Speed’ trophy, which requires you to beat the game in under two hours, or it could be that you’re having trouble finding one of B-12’s memories.

All you havve got to do is to sleep for one hour leave the game on idle for now. It actually makes a controller vibrate for an hour don’t forget to turn it off in game you obviously turn it off in system settings. If a controller goes dead and obviously the game will pause so you have to make sure that you keep the game running and just go sleep for an hour.