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How To Get The Worker Hat and Jacket in Stray


One of the most recent adventure games to feature open-world elements is called Stray. Although you control a cat that finds himself in a world inhabited by robots, machines, and viruses, the objective of the game is straightforward: find your way home to your family. You will be accompanied by an unmanned aerial vehicle designated as B-12. You will need to finish a significant number of missions if you want to go any closer to your objective. In order to complete one of these missions, you will require entrance to the Neco Corporation Factory. Blazer will inquire of your assistance in procuring a worker hat and jacket for him. This walkthrough for Stray will tell you all you need to know to acquire the worker hat and jacket for your character. So let’s get started:

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How To Get The Worker Hat and Jacket in Stray

This element of the operation to infiltrate the factory will be broken up into two phases to ensure its successful completion. The first step is to acquire the worker’s hat, and the second step is to acquire the jacket. Although you shouldn’t have too much trouble completing these quests, we nonetheless strongly advise that you consult this walkthrough guide. Considering that this is one of the crucial phases that must be completed before you can enter the Neco Corporation’s Factory and go farther in the game.

How To Get The Worker Hat and Jacket in Stray

Get the Worker Hat in Stray

How To Get The Worker Hat and Jacket in Stray

To obtain the Worker Hat in Stray, you will first need to complete the following tasks:

  • You will be required to go to the Hat store, despite the fact that the proprietor will not let anybody else into the shop.
  • However, as you discover, one of the workers is slacking at the bar, and it is your responsibility to get him to work. The staff need to speed up so that you can enter.
  • As you make your way to the bar on the other side of the room, you will discover the employee passed out near the back of the bar.
  • Even if he is impervious to noise, you can still wake him by moving to the shelf above him and knocking over the container that contains the bottles.
  • After that, you will need to stick close to the worker as he makes his way back to his colleague and sneak into the box while they are distracted.
  • You will be able to acquire the Worker cap after the worker brings the box directly inside the shop where it will be opened for you.

Get the Jacket in Stray

How To Get The Worker Hat and Jacket in Stray

To obtain the Worker Jacket in Stray, you will need to complete the following tasks:

  • In order for this to be successful, you will need to get the cassette tapes, as it is in Stray that you will discover the cassette player.
  • It will be a component of a supplementary objective that Simon will provide in the Residence.
  • After you have obtained the tape, you will need to proceed to the clothing store and make your way to the business’s rear room.
  • The proprietor of the store won’t be able to pay attention to anything else when you load the cassette player with the tape and start the song.
  • Take advantage of this opening to proceed to the front of the store and put the Worker Jacket on one of the mannequins there.

When you have both the Worker Hat and the Jacket, you need to return to Blazer and give him both items. He will then give you the next step in the mission. This concludes the walkthrough for obtaining the Worker Hat and Jacket in Stray.


How to Use The Cassette Tape To Distract Owners?

Because the store’s owner is milling about the premises, it will be impossible for you to make off with the employee’s jacket. You will need to divert his attention in some way. You can locate a boom box in the store’s back area, so make your way back there. If you insert the cassette tape into this device, it will immediately begin playing music. This presents the perfect opportunity for you to make a hasty exit, grab the high-visibility jacket, and then flee the scene.

Who do you give the jacket to Stray?

During the portion of the story that takes place in Midtown, Clementine, the main character of Stray, is charged with locating and retrieving a Worker Hat and a Worker Jacket. It is necessary for the Cat to hand over these two articles of clothing to an NPC named Blazer, who is a contact who is prepared to assist the Cat with retrieving the Atomic Battery from the Neo Corp factory.

How do I talk to Blazer Stray?

When you leave the business, turn right and continue turning right until you reach the alley. Blazer will be seen seated against the wall, perusing the newspaper in his hands. Give him the note that Clementine wrote, and finish up his conversation with him.

How do you steal the worker hat in Stray?

After the two robots have finished disputing with one another, Stuplachee will pick up the box and bring it inside the hat shop. After Stuplachee’s has set the box down on the ground, you may simply grab the Stray worker hat that is displayed in the storefront window if you hop out of the box and then proceed to the floor.

How many chapters are in Stray?

The complete list of chapters for Stray. There are a total of 12 chapters in Stray (technically speaking, there are 13, considering that one is a follow-up to the location of a previous chapter), and each one lasts approximately half an hour.

Does the cat get hurt in Stray game?

Stray does not end with the death of the cat in any way, shape, or form. Having said that, the cat does end up hurt at a few different points throughout the novel, which causes it to walk with a limp for a while. However, after a brief period of time, it will recover to its previous level of health.