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How to Get Tome of Set Dungeons Diablo III


how to get tome of set dungeons diablo 3

If you want to unlock the Set Dungeons in Diablo 3 you will first need to obtain the Tome of Set Dungeons.

Keep in mind the new sets for each class don’t have Set Dungeons and won’t drop pages.
To obtain all four pages at once, bring along all four sets and head to Leoric’s Manor. Stand before the Tome of Set Dungeons and change into each set before clicking the Tome. This will cause the relevant page to drop. I personally carried UE, Nats, Marauder and Shadow sets for my DH and there was enough space in my inventory.

Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Reach level 70

You will need to reach level 70 with at least one character in order to unlock the Set Dungeons.

Step 2: Find the Tome of Set Dungeons

The Tome of Set Dungeons can be found in any of the acts in Adventure Mode. Look for a special enemy called the “Seeker of the Light” or the “Raiment of a Thousand Storms”.

These enemies are part of the Seeker of the Light and Raiment of a Thousand Storms sets respectively and have a chance to drop the Tome of Set Dungeons when killed.

Step 3: Complete a Set Dungeon

Once you have obtained the Tome of Set Dungeons, you can access the Set Dungeons by going to the Tome’s location in your inventory and right-clicking it. This will open up a list of all the Set Dungeons that are available to you. Choose the one you want to try and then teleport to its location.

In the Set Dungeon, you will need to complete a set of objectives within a certain time limit in order to earn a reward. Each Set Dungeon has its own specific objectives, so be sure to read them carefully before attempting the dungeon.

Some Tips for Set Dungeons:

  • You must be wearing the complete set of armor for the specific set dungeon you are attempting in order to enter it.
  • Set Dungeons are designed to be challenging so don’t be discouraged if you don’t succeed on your first try.
  • Completing a Set Dungeon with a Mastery objective will reward you with a special cosmetic item.


If you want to unlock the Set Dungeons in Diablo 3, you will need to obtain the Tome of Set Dungeons by defeating the Seeker of the Light or Raiment of a Thousand Storms. Once you have the Tome, you can access the Set Dungeons and start working towards completing their objectives.