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Players in the US Who Use PS5 Will Observe a Significantly Updated Explore Page


Users in the United States are beginning to notice that the Explore page on the home screen of their PlayStation 5 console is getting a big upgrade. This overhaul includes the addition of new information as well as tabs for displaying that information. This page includes information on what your friends are up to, in addition to an overall Trophy level that indicates how close you are to moving on to the next level of competition. This page formerly presented a stream of publicly available PlayStation Blog postings in its previous incarnation.

It does not appear as though the update has been made available to each and every PS5 user in the United States; rather, it appears as though users are receiving access in fits and starts on a sporadic basis. Since the initial launch of the console in November 2020, the feature has been made available in the United States only; it cannot be accessed in any other country. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, but it is the case. The Game Base now has a tab labelled “Official News,” which can be used in place of an Activity Card. This tab is located where the Activity Card used to be.