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How to Get White Mask in Elden Ring


In Elden Ring, the White Mask is a one-of-a-kind headpiece that players who are creating their characters around the concept of blood loss absolutely need to have access to. This armour has an effect that, when combined with certain weapons, such as Elden Ring’s Rivers of Blood katana or Eleonora’s Poleblade, makes it so that there is a 10% increase in attack strength for a period of 20 seconds whenever there is blood loss nearby. This effect is incredibly potent. However, obtaining the White Mask can be a little bit challenging, and this tutorial offers all the information you need to complete the process.

It is important to note that in order to provide an accurate description of how to obtain the White Mask in Elden Ring, broad descriptions of a few late-game places and a boss character need to be disclosed. Even though this guide will make an effort to limit the amount of information that can be considered a spoiler, players should be informed that such information does exist before they continue reading.

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How to Get White Mask in Elden Ring

How to Get White Mask in Elden Ring

Reaching Mohgwyn Palace is the very first thing that must be done in order to get the White Mask, and there are a few different ways that you might make your way to this destination. One of these choices is to make use of the Pureblood Knight’s Medal, which can be obtained by completing the questline associated with White-Mask Varre, in order to teleport there directly. Alternately, players can get to Mohgwyn Palace by going through a waygate in the Consecrated Snowfield. This is a region that can only be reached by using Elden Ring’s Haligtree Secret Medallion, and the precise location of that transporter is indicated on this map:

How to Get White Mask in Elden Ring

The player should make their way to the section of the region that is filled with red liquid as soon as they arrive in Mohgwyn Palace in Elden Ring. This should be done regardless of the path that they choose to reach Mohgwyn Palace. Fans will run across some highly dangerous gigantic crows in this region, which is located to the east of the mausoleum and to the west of the Palace Approach Ledge-Road Site of Grace. This region also sits in between. In addition, players will come across multiple Nameless White Mask invaders amidst the red liquid; these foes are essential to acquiring the White Mask as they hold the key to its whereabouts.

How to Get White Mask in Elden Ring

Players should simply ride around in the liquid and kill these NPCs until they gain the item of interest. The White Mask can be obtained by defeating one of these invaders, which will result in it dropping when it is killed. Notably, there are a total of three Nameless White Mask invaders that have the potential to arrive in this region, although fans may obtain the White Mask before they have eliminated all of the Nameless White Mask invaders. Fans who have already vanquished that formidable monster may need to hunt for the White Mask in NG+. Having said that, it is very crucial to clarify that these foes will not appear if a player beats Elden Ring’s Mohg, Lord of Blood.


How do I get the white Mask quest?

In order to move further with White Mask Varre’s quest, you will need to make sure that your game is set to Online and that Invasions are enabled. When you have established that you are able to participate in multiplayer, you can start an invasion by using a Festering Bloody Finger. Players should take note that victory is not required in order to make progress on Varre’s mission.

What happens if you invade white mask Varre?

If vanquished in Mohgwyn Dynasty by invading him, drops: 1 remedy for the furcalling finger 1 Rune Arc. 6 Bloody Fingers, Festering on the Bundle, Varre’s Bouquet (After you have returned to your planet, go back to the invasion sign, and have a conversation with him.)

Can you revive White faced Varre?

In Elden Ring, it is not possible to resurrect Varre. In order to bring back to life fallen merchant NPCs, you can use Celestial Dew and atone at the Church of Vows. However, this method is not effective on Varre. He’s dead forever. At the church of Vows, it is not possible to respawn him.

What does Varre drop Elden Ring?

This time, he will let go of his complete set of War Surgeon Armor. Return to the palace in Elden Ring and make use of White Mask Varre’s red summoning sign to into his realm and kill him in order to finish off the objective given by White Mask Varre. Players will be given his one-of-a-kind weapon, known as Varr√©’s Bouquet, if they have vanquished him.