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How to Unlock Fences in Red Dead Redemption 2


In Red Dead Redemption 2, if you come across objects that have been stolen or are of high value, you will be need to find a specific type of merchant to sell them to. In this guide to the fences in Red Dead Redemption 2, we will provide you with all of the information you want in order to access the merchants that are contained within the game.

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How to Unlock Fences in Red Dead Redemption 2

It should go without saying that following a gunfight in Red Dead Redemption 2, you should always loot the dead bodies that have been left on the battlefield. But just in case: You will start to collect valuable items, such as pocket watches, belt buckles, and other accessories, which will be stored in the ‘Valuables’ section of your inventory. However, you will not be able to sell these items at a General Store or any other shop that you might find in towns such as Valentine. In order to profit from the sale of these goods that were obtained dishonestly, you will need to locate a fence.

How to Unlock Fences in Red Dead Redemption 2

When playing Red Dead Redemption 2, you will need to keep a look out for the story objectives that Hosea Matthews gives you to be able to unlock the Fence. The first mission for Hosea tasks Matthews and Arthur Morgan with locating a massive bear, but the second objective requires you to steal a waggon in order to unlock the Fence. The first mission is achieved by capturing the bear, and the second mission is done by taking the waggon.

How to Unlock Fences in Red Dead Redemption 2

After Hosea has finished his second task, Arthur will have unrestricted access to the Fence whenever he wants to utilise it. On Emerald Ranch you’ll find a bar called the Fence that’s open during the day. You just need to walk up to the Fence, select the “Sell” option, and then you’ll be able to sell any of the treasures you’ve acquired through battle or theft in exchange for a respectable quantity of money.

Fence Locations

However, there are other Fences strewn across the landscape of Red Dead Redemption 2 in various locations. You can see the locations of three more Fences that we’ve tracked down just below. These Fences are located in the northern Rhodes region of the map. There is no task that must be accomplished in order to access this Fence; rather, it will be unlocked automatically once Micah’s story mission, which was explained above, has been finished and Rhodes has been reached.

How to Unlock Fences in Red Dead Redemption 2

Next, there is a second Fence that was discovered hidden away in Saint Denis. You won’t need to complete any story missions in order to unlock this Fence, just like the one in Rhodes, because it will be waiting for you whenever you arrive in Saint Denis.

How to Unlock Fences in Red Dead Redemption 2

Last but not least, the Van Horn Trading Post is the location of a Fence that may be acquired. Be aware that this Fence will not automatically appear on your map, and that in order for the shop to unlock and appear on the map, you will need to physically visit the pier that is located within the trading post.

How to Unlock Fences in Red Dead Redemption 2


Which rdr2 fence pays most?

You’ll find the Saint Denis Fence in the market that’s located in the eastern part of the city. Given that he isn’t operating out of a makeshift or questionable building, this Fence is without a doubt the most prosperous one in the game.

Can you sell stolen horses in rdr2?

The less honourable method entails stealing horses that have already been broken in. In either case, as soon as you have a horse in your possession, you should go to the horse shoe on the map and sell it there. Keep in mind that the value of stolen horses will be lower than the value of horses that were legally acquired by you. It is also possible for you to steal any waggons that you come across during your adventure.

Where can I spend Capitale?

There is a limit of 50 Capitale that can be stored in your Satchel at one time, and it can be found in the Valuables part of its inventory. Opportunities, such as “How to Steal Il Sovrano,” are complex quests with a variety of different ways to accomplish their goals. Capitale is used to purchase these “Opportunities.”

Can you rob banks in rdr2?

Players will be able to rob banks alongside Arthur as part of the story of the game; however, if they are feeling daring enough, they will also have the option to rob banks on their own. Players may discover banks in the majority of the larger settlements on the map. As one of the most lucrative targets for a heist, players should look for banks as they are exploring the world.