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How to Hide Inside a Giant Snowball in Fortnite (Season 1 Chapter 4 )


One of the challenges that are part of the Winterfest event requires players to take cover within a Fortnite huge snowball. This challenge can be found at Frosty Firs, Brutal Bastion, and Lonely Labs. At each of these icy locations, you will first need to gather some snow into a massive snowball, and then you will need to climb inside your spherical creation in order to move forward with this challenge. You’ll earn 16,000 XP towards your Fortnite Season 1 Chapter 4 battle pass if you’ve completed the challenge of hiding in three snowballs in the appropriate spots, regardless of whether you complete it all in a single match or spread it out across several. This post will walk you through the steps required to conceal yourself within a massive snowball while playing Fortnite. So let’s get started:

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How to Hide Inside a Giant Snowball in Fortnite (Season 1 Chapter 4 )

If you want to finish this Fortnite Winterfest task, you’ll need to make all three of the snowballs that are required for it, unless you manage to find one that another player has already built. Before you get started, you need to make sure that you are well familiar with the locations of the three sites that you need to explore. Freezing Firs, Brutal Bastion, and Lonely Labs can all be found in the chilly northeastern part of the island. You can make a massive snowball by striking snowy terrain with your pickaxe over and over again. If you begin to chip away at the icy ground with your pickaxe, you’ll observe the snow starting to gather into a dome shape.

How to Hide Inside a Giant Snowball in Fortnite (Season 1 Chapter 4 )

After a few more strikes with the pickaxe, it will begin to grow into a large snowball; however, you can continue striking it to make it approximately the same height as your player character. When the massive snowball has grown to its full size, the snow that is holding it steady to the ground will melt away. This will cause the snowball to begin rolling, but all that is required of you at this point is to hide inside it.

How to Hide Inside a Giant Snowball in Fortnite (Season 1 Chapter 4 )

Before your fully created gigantic snowball rolls away, approach it as quickly as possible and follow the prompt given by the ‘Hide’ button to crawl inside it. You won’t be able to steer the snowball or remain within it for an unlimited amount of time, but at least you’ll be able to follow it wherever it goes, and you’ll have the option to step out whenever you want. In order to produce a snowball large enough to leap inside of, you simply need to make contact with snowy terrain four times in a succession. After the snowball has formed into a pretty small ball, give it a gentle push to loosen it up, and then you can hide inside of it.


What is the big monster thing in Fortnite?

The new creature, which is known as a Klombo and is quite large and lovable, was introduced in the version 10.10 update. The developer Epic argues that they are mainly benign, and they appear to add a new means to navigate around the landscape. It looks like something that was pulled out of the movie How to Train Your Dragon.

Where are the snowball launcher parts in fortnite?

Snowball Launchers are a type of floor treasure that can also be obtained in chests, including Oathbound chests, as well as supply drops.

What is the red area in Fortnite?

The Imagined Order, also known as IO, and The Foundation’s Resistance faction are now engaged in combat on the island, which is why the red and blue lines are present on the map. These lines are connected to the narrative of Fortnite’s Resistance mode. The territories denoted by red circles are under the control of the IO, whereas the ones denoted by blue circles are under the control of the Resistance.

Is there a big dinosaur in Fortnite?

In the latest update for Fortnite, version 19.10, a massive dinosaur known as a Klombo — or “Colombo,” as autocorrect likes to put it — has been added to the island, while Tilted Towers have also been brought back. If you use Klomberries to tame them, these friendly giants won’t fight you unless you provoke them, and if you do, they could even give you some goods as a reward.

In contrast to other non-playable characters and animals in Fortnite, Klombos are immune to death. In spite of the fact that they are vulnerable to the effects of firearms and explosives, they are unbeatable. The game files for Fortnite indicate that Klombos have a maximum of 2,000 points of health each. And despite the fact that each weapon deals one point of damage, players cannot truly have their health reduced to zero.