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How to invest in TaaS stocks – What companies are involved in TaaS


How to invest in TaaS stocks

Transportation as a Service, or How to invest in TaaS stocks, is a rapidly growing industry. Mainly because many individuals rely on transportation services for their daily commute. This is the reason this industry is widely popular among investments. This article will go over companies that are involved in TaaS in detail. And details about various TaaS stocks to buy, comparing their prices and returns on investment. Let’s start with the basics first and learn everything about TaaS.

What is TaaS?

Transportation as a Service (TaaS)  is also sometimes known as MaaS (Mobility as a Service). It is a system that replaces car ownership with service-based mobility solutions. Customers can regularly buy trips and tours instead of owning a vehicle. Transportation as a Service encompasses drop-offs and ridesharing. And popular food deliveries and logistics platforms that connect businesses and customers.

What are the Services Provided by TaaS?

Currently, TaaS is offering the following services:

  • Vehicle rental
  • Ride-sharing
  • Food distribution
  • Vehicle scheduling, with or without a driver.

The near future of transportation envisions the use of self-driving cars as well as aircraft for transportation in major cities. Globally, the absence of personal vehicle usage indicates a drop in the demand for car ownership. The decrease is mainly with the emergence of new alternate forms of transportation.

Why are People using TaaS?

For most of us, purchasing a vehicle is a rite of passage, second only to buying a home. However, recent statistics and information are rapidly indicating that buying a car is a bad investment. And experts are increasingly advising against investing in automobiles.

According to data, the average vehicle is parked 95% of the time, which is quite shocking. Most of us don’t use our cars very often. So, is it worth investing all that money on something that will sit idle the majority of the time? It’s not just the initial cost, but an automobile is expensive to operate. And, in most cases, it will lose its original value as soon as you buy it.

People want to take more actions to save the environment and leave less carbon footprint. And TaaS is allowing them to be better habitats of Earth. In an interview, the Uber CEO stated: ‘Consider a future in which there is no ride-sharing and everyone drives themselves to work. You now have 30 persons served by 30 vehicles… Around 20% to 30% of our land is used up by just storing these hunks of metal that we drive around in for 4% of the day.’ It is hard to believe at first, but it is pretty accurate when you think about it. 

What companies are involved in TaaS? 

How to invest in TaaS stocks

We have listed some of the companies involved in TaaS below. How to invest in TaaS stocks well-known companies, and by buying their stocks, you will make a wise decision. So, let’s have a look:

  • Uber

Uber is one of the most renowned ride-sharing apps in the world. It offers on-demand cabs, ride-sharing, and food delivery services, as well as automobiles that can be hired. Since its inception in 2009, the firm has developed considerably. And it is now used all around the world. It has bought many other companies, including Drizly, AutoCAD, and Postmates. Uber’s income has skyrocketed from $0.4 billion in 2014 to $11.1 billion in 2020. 

According to experts, their income in 2020 was lower than predicted owing to the COVID-19 pandemic. But the company has a high reputation in the market. Despite suffering the most significant first-day TaaS stock price drop when it went public in 2019.

Uber competes with other ridesharing firms, but it has an advantage over the competition due to its international presence. Uber is the most popular cab booking app in almost every country.  The reason for this is that other competitors only operate in the United States and Canada.

While Uber focuses on worldwide expansion and diversification, other ride-sharing businesses have a more focused strategy. It results in long-term earnings and ongoing share price increases.

In June 2020, Uber’s TaaS share price was $31.08. The price has risen steadily over the past year, and it is now $47.42. The average price ranges between $40 and $50; the corporation currently does not pay dividends to its stockholders.

  • Yandex

Yandex is another transportation firm that primarily operates in Russia. It offers food delivery services in addition to ridesharing and cab booking. Yandex N.V., its parent firm, created it in 2011.  It amalgamated with Uber in several countries, including Russia, in 2018. However, Yandex retains the bulk of ownership. It has a strong image in the market and has never been involved in any significant incident. Its revenue has also increased dramatically in a year, from 45 million RUB in 2019 to 65 million RUB in 2020.

The corporation stepped forward to provide ride-sharing services in Russia, as well as other African and Middle Eastern countries. Yandex also provides food delivery and is focusing on self-driving electrified vehicles. When this occurs, it will become one of the market’s most trustworthy TaaS stock options.

The price of Yandex stock has fluctuated throughout the last year. Yandex stock averaged $40 in 2019, dropped to $33 in early 2020, and is now trading at $70. The corporation does not pay dividends. Furthermore, as stock market values continue to fluctuate, it is critical to learn how to appraise a stock to invest appropriately.

Yandex is popular in Russia, and its mobile app layout is quite simple to use. It is a reason for its popularity. And some travel agencies in other nations recommend Yandex above other transportation providers. However, other organizations provide services to a broader geographical area. And this is boosting their profit and revenue when compared to Yandex.

  • Lyft

Lyft was founded in 2012 as a spinoff of How to invest in TaaS stocks. At the time, the company’s major objective was to provide secure private ridesharing for longer distances. However, it was sold to Enterprise Rent-A-parent Car’s firm so that the founders could focus solely on Lyft.

Lyft began offering shorter ride-sharing options and stopped charging fees from drivers. They did this to better fulfill the demands of their consumers. The company has collaborated with Starbucks by allowing its drivers to join the Starbucks Rewards loyalty program. Lyft offers both private and ridesharing alternatives, as well as priority pickup and the opportunity to select XL cars. People can now use Lyft to reserve bikes and scooters.

Lyft stock has risen steadily since 2020, from $33.01 to $49.65 at the time of publication. With the average share price ranging between $45 and $50. Currently, the company does not pay dividends to shareholders. This company has fair pay standards and other advantages supplied to both drivers and passengers. This is the reason it has an outstanding reputation in the industry. Lyft’s entire revenue has decreased from $3.61 million in 2019 to $2.36 million in 2020, owing primarily to the pandemic. Having said that, the TaaS company’s stock has not dropped in value.

Other ridesharing businesses, particularly those that operate worldwide, are Lyft’s main competitors. Even though Lyft only operates in the United States and Canada, it has a better reputation than other competitors. Lyft is regarded for having a healthy work atmosphere and for caring about its clients. Similar businesses have suffered setbacks as a result of their market image. Companies, such as Uber, have a stronger edge because they have expanded their services to other parts of the world.

  • Echo Global Logistics

Echo Global Logistics constantly outsources its services to other capable organizations. It allows for quick and easy delivery. They also have a specialized customer service department. International transportation is provided by the company via all modes of transportation. Moreover, truckload and How to invest in TaaS stocks freight shipping is also done.

Echo Global Logistics was founded in 2005. It had the goal of simplifying transportation by outsourcing transportation services. The company leverages technical advances to improve and speed up its services. And it has multiple subsidiaries. For example Command Transportation LLC, Online Freight Services, and Lubenow Logistics. In 2020, the company’s revenue was $2.5 billion.

Echo Global Logistics constantly outsources its services to other capable organizations. It allows for quick and easy delivery. They also have a specialized customer service department. International transportation is provided by the company via all modes of transportation. Moreover, truckload and LTL freight shipping is also done.

Echo Global TaaS stock price history shows that the price has consistently increased. It has gone from $21.62 in 2020 to $35.59 now. The average stock price is between $30 and $35. But the corporation has yet to pay dividends.

Echo Global’s competitors are other transportation and storage firms. This company benefits from its global presence since its outsourced services result in excellent inventory management. Other businesses have an advantage because many are non-asset-based businesses. And they primarily focus on providing proper transportation services.

  • Matson

Matson Inc. is a global provider of logistics, shipping, and transportation services. The company was created in 1882, making it one of the oldest TaaS technology enterprises. And it has developed enormously since then. It has numerous companies, including the Matson Navigation Company. 

It specializes in shipping services. It is a reliable global corporation with a strong reputation. And its yearly revenue has consistently increased from $2.203 million in 2019 to $2.383 million in 2020. To suit the needs of its customers, the company expanded its transportation services. Moreover, it is now offering warehousing and distribution.

Matson Inc. offers bulk transportation at a cheaper cost than competitors. Other companies, on the other hand, not only provide bulk international transportation. But also specialize in tiny door-to-door deliveries.

Matson Inc.’s stock price has risen dramatically in the last year, rising from $26 in 2020 to $63 at the time of posting. Dividends are also paid to shareholders by the corporation. According to the information provided, they are one of the best TaaS stock solutions.

  • FedEx

FedEx is one of the world’s most well-known transportation firms. Founded in 1971, the corporation today operates on a vast scale. It moves commodities by a variety of forms of transportation, including approximately 700 airplanes. Despite COVID-19, the company’s revenue in 2020 was $69.22 billion. FedEx has a reputation for being dependable and providing quick delivery. To save delivery time, the company purchased its aircraft rather than outsourcing goods. It allows their clients to receive the products sooner.

This company provides shipping and transportation services to customers all over the world. It greatly contributes to the development of a customer-to-customer delivery system.

FedEx Corp. is a dependable TaaS stock if you want to invest. It has the stock price rising from $138.48 in 2020 to $306.26 at the moment. Furthermore, the corporation pays out significant dividends of 0.65 per share to its shareholders.

FedEx continues to compete with other large courier providers such as How to invest in TaaS stocks. It has an advantage because it operates on a global scale. And provides speedy delivery through its modes of transportation, including an overnight delivery option. However, other businesses provide more affordable delivery prices.

  • GATX

GATX is one of the world’s leading railcar lessors. The corporation was founded in 1898 and has railcars throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. They also have subsidiaries. For example, GATX Rail Canada Corporation and American Steamship Company. In 2020, the company’s revenue was $1.2 billion. As its customer base grew, the company expanded its services to a global scale. And it included railcar lessor services. 

GATX has also established many subsidiaries for various locations. The company operates on a global basis and provides railcar leasing as well as other locomotive services. They primarily transport large objects for industrial applications.

The price of GATX stock has risen from $59.39 in 2020 to $101.48 today. In addition, the corporation paid a dividend of 0.48 in 2020 and 0.5. This process was done in February 2021. It is one of the most popular TaaS stocks based on its pricing and dividends. When it comes to transportation services, GATX’s main competitors are PHI, CIT, and TTX.

This company has created a name for itself as a railcar lessor around the world. And it continues to attract new customers. Other companies, on the other hand, do well and are more focused on bulk products transportation. For example, oil and gas exploration.

  • Expeditors International of Washington

Expeditors International of Washington began in 1979 with a single location in Seattle, Washington. The organization presently has 357 global sites. And they all offer reliable transportation services. The company buys cargo space in bulk and offers it to customers at a considerably reduced price. Among its subsidiaries are P.T. Expeditors Indonesia and Expeditors Singapore. 

The company offers transportation via air, water, and ground, as well as multimodal transportation. The multimodal type is the one that integrates all three modes. It also pays close attention to its environmental impact and seeks to reduce its carbon footprint.

The stock price has climbed from $75.60 in 2020 to $120.66 at the present. This price has been consistently increasing and will continue to do so based on TaaS stock prediction. The typical stock price is between $115 and $120, and the corporation pays 0.52 dividends to stockholders. Expeditors International of Washington competes with firms such as XPO Logistics, Geodis, and Abertis. All of these are globally recognized TaaS providers. 

They have a high market reputation. And their revenue was $11.572 billion after the year 2021. TaaS dividends are also paid to its stockholders. To give consumers timely delivery, the company expanded its transportation services. They moved to other forms of transportation and built offices around the world.

Expeditors International of Washington distributes dividends to its stockholders. They do this, unlike many other TaaS companies that do not have a dividend history. Having said that, they are unable to provide consumers with a variety of transportation services. And they do not have an easy tracking system, as other companies provide.

  • Facedrive

Facedrive is a relatively new multi-faceted corporation founded in 2016. In terms of mobility, the organization focuses on sustainable transportation.  They are offering food deliveries and ride-sharing. The company has bought many businesses, including Ecocred LLC and HiRide Share Ltd. It has an excellent market reputation as a result of its long-term development goals. The company’s sales for the previous year were $3,934,354.

The company offers ride-sharing and meal delivery services in terms of transportation. Both of these use environmentally beneficial forms of transportation. Facedrive’s main rivals are transportation and food delivery firms. 

People were becoming concerned about the environmental impact of the transportation industry. Facedrive stepped forward to provide its consumers with environmentally-friendly transportation. It prioritizes sustainability while offering services, which is an urgent necessity. However, Other companies have a larger market presence in the United States as well as globally.

Facedrive TaaS technology stock price has been volatile due to its short existence. In 2020, the stock price was $14.90, jumped to $42 in February 2021, and is again back at $14.92. Currently, the company does not pay dividends.

  • Union Pacific Corporation

Union Pacific Corporation is a freight train transportation firm that was founded in 1862. It operates in 32 states and ensures that items are delivered on time and safely. This corporation competes with companies that provide railroad transportation.

The company has a strong reputation because it has been a reliable corporation for over a decade. And it has subsidiaries such as TTX Company and Southern How to invest in TaaS stocks. After the fiscal year 2020, the company’s revenue was $19.305 billion.

Union Pacific Corporation guarantees door-to-door and on-time delivery of goods, as well as better dividends. Not only did the firm extend its railroad network. But, to secure door-to-door delivery of goods, the company began a collaboration. It was done with other transportation businesses. Union Pacific Corporation provides train transportation services as well as items such as vehicles and agricultural machinery.

Union Pacific Corporation’s stock price has risen from invest in TaaS stocks. The typical cost is between $220 and $230. The corporation also pays out 0.97 cents in quarterly dividends to stockholders. TaaS stock forecast says that prices will rise further since the company is well-established and pays out generous dividends. But, other businesses have subsidiaries that allow for multimodal transportation.

The Takeaway

Although it is possible to earn from invest in TaaS stocks it still a risky bisuness. You should keep in mind that, like other investment, TaaS stocks are not risk-free. These companies are subject to altering market and transportation-as-a-service sector conditions. So, thoroughly analyse your options before investing. And, if you’re new to investing or haven’t looked over your accounts in a while. Then, compare firms to ensure you’re getting the best features in your trading account.