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How to Knock Down a Timber Pine in Fortnite


Find the Force is currently running in Fortnite, which is the game’s greatest Star Wars event to yet. As part of this event, participants are receiving instruction from the legends on how to use lightsabers and the abilities of the Force. It is possible for players to complete one of a kind tasks that will assist them in gaining Galactic Reputation, and one of these quests demands the player to vent their anger on a particular tree. In this essay, we will walk you through the steps necessary to bring down a timber pine in Fortnite. So let’s get started:

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How to Knock Down a Timber Pine in Fortnite

You simply need to approach the tree with your lightsaber and strike it in order to bring down a Timber Pine. You also have the option of using your Force Ability to bring down the Timber Pines. Nevertheless, you should be sure to keep your distance from the direction in which the Timber Pine falls. It is possible for your player to sustain an injury if they bring down a tree and it subsequently falls on them.

How to Knock Down a Timber Pine in Fortnite

These arise out of nowhere in the world, much like the enormous island that suddenly arrives in the latter part of the game. It is possible that at some point throughout the match, participants will see a green, blue, or red circle on their mini-map that is accompanied by a lightsaber. As soon as you notice those, make your way over there and push the button when instructed in order to enter the rift and obtain your abilities.

Timber Pine Locations

In the fourth chapter of Season 2 of Fortnite, players will be able to discover Timber Pines dispersed over the map in a wide variety of various locations. Take a look at the interactive map that we’ve provided down below to get a better idea of where Timber Pines can be found:

How to Knock Down a Timber Pine in Fortnite

The vast bulk of Timber Pines may be found on the eastern side of Frenzy Fields and to the north-northeast of Kenjutsu Crossing. Both of these locations are in the north-northeast corner of the map. According to the dynamic map that can be found in the aforementioned location, there are a combined total of forty Timber Pines to be discovered across the two distinct locations.

After you have obtained the Force Ability from any non-player character, you will be forced to make your way through the Rift Gate in order to continue your adventure. As soon as you come out on the other side of this portal, you need to start looking for Timber Pines.


How do you destroy timber pines in Fortnite challenge?

If you want to complete the weekly challenge that requires you to bring down a timber pine using a Ripsaw Launcher, you will first need to get one from the Chop Shop that is located to the north of Logjam Lotus, and then you will need to aim it directly at the pine trees. In the event that this does not work, you always have the option of leaning out the window and shooting the timber pine until it collapses.

Do you knockdown timber pines with rips or launcher?

When you come across a Timber Pine, aim your Ripsaw Launcher at it like you would any other target, but before you fire, keep your finger pressed down on the button that fires the weapon for a few seconds. This gives the Ripsaw Launcher more power, allowing it to take down the Timber Pine that was previously in its path.

What trees fall down in Fortnite?

Players have the ability to take down the massive Physics Tree by chopping it down with their axes. This tree, unlike most others in Fortnite, has a trunk that will break off after suffering a certain amount of damage, turning it into a log. Other trees in the game just vanish after they are destroyed.

How do you destroy alien trees in Fortnite?

In order to accomplish it, you will need to cut down a total of five alien trees. In the event that you have recently disembarked from the war bus, your pickaxe will suffice. They are not very strong, which means that it will only take a few moments for you to eliminate all five of them. That wraps up this particular quest’s requirements!

Can you have 2 trees in Fortnite?

You will need to keep an eye on your tree as it develops and weed it on a regular basis so that it can continue to improve the quality of its fruits and provide you with more valuable loot as time goes on. You are only allowed to have one tree at a time; if you try to plant a second tree, the first tree you planted will disappear.