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How to Leave a Discord Server


This article will lead you through the process of removing yourself from a Discord server that you no longer wish to be a member of or get alerts from. It will also discuss how to transfer ownership of a server if you choose to hand over control of the server to someone else after you have passed away.

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How to Leave a Discord Server on the Desktop Application

It takes only a few clicks or taps to log out of a Discord server from the desktop programme itself. Here’s how you go about it.

1. Make sure you are logged in to the Discord application before continuing.

2. Locate the server that you wish to depart.

2. Hold down the right-click or press and hold button on the server icon that you wish to exit from.

4. Choose Leave Server from the drop-down list option.

5. When prompted, select Leave Server from the confirmation prompt that appears in the pop-up window.

That server will no longer send you alerts, and you will no longer get any notifications from it. To access it or get information from it in the future, you’ll need to re-register your account.

How to Leave a Discord Server on the Mobile App

In addition to the desktop application, you may also quit a Discord server using the mobile app, which is no more complex than using the desktop programme.

1. Open the Discord application on your smartphone or other mobile device of choice.

2. From the left-hand menu, select the server from which you wish to disconnect.

3. Hold down the server name for a few seconds.

4. Select the option to leave the server. When asked, choose Leave Server once again to confirm your decision.

You have now successfully exited the server. You will need to rejoin the server if you want to be able to access it or get alerts.

How to Transfer Ownership of a Discord Server on Desktop

You may easily transfer ownership of a server with a few taps or clicks on your device, and you can then pass over your cherished server to a trusted member who will continue to administer it in the future.

5. Choose the Discord server to which you wish to move your data.

6. Select Server Settings > Members from the context menu by right-clicking or tapping and holding the server icon.

7. Transfer Ownership may be accomplished by selecting the three-dot menu to the member’s right and then selecting Transfer Ownership.

8. When prompted, pick Transfer Ownership and then check the box to confirm your selection.

The person you picked is now the server’s administrator, and they have complete control over the server.

How to Transfer Ownership of a Discord Server on the Mobile App

Transferring ownership using the mobile app necessitates a number of extra steps, but it is still a simple and straightforward process.

1. Select the server that you wish to transfer ownership of and then press the three-dot menu in the upper right corner of the screen.

2. Select the Settings cog symbol from the toolbar.

3. Members can be found by scrolling down.

4. Select Transfer ownership from the three-dot option that appears next to the member you wish to transfer ownership to, and then confirm your selection.

5. When asked, select Transfer and then check the box to confirm your selection.

That member is now the legal owner of the server, and they are free to do anything they want with it.