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How to Loop Videos on YouTube on Desktop


YouTube has evolved over the years to include some of the most cutting-edge and user-friendly features that have been specifically built for those who generate video content. These features are tailored to the needs of individuals who create video content. On the other side, it has added a large number of new features that increase the quality of life for users. One example of this is the capability to replay films forever. On this desktop version of YouTube, let’s have a look at the process for looping a video.

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How to Loop Videos on YouTube on Desktop

The following is the procedure that must be followed to the letter:

Launch a web browser on your home computer, and navigate to the YouTube website that you will find there. Find the movie that you want to play on an endless loop, and once you’ve located it, click on it to begin the process of looping it. This will allow you to play the video over and over again.

How to Loop Videos on YouTube on Desktop

By utilizing the right button on your mouse, you will be able to right-click anywhere on the video itself.

How to Loop Videos on YouTube on Desktop

To move forward with the process, select the Loop button located on the toolbar. It seems as though this is being represented by two arrows travelling in a clockwise direction.

How to Loop Videos on YouTube on Desktop

From this point forward, your video will begin to play in a loop that will repeat it over and over again. When you right-click the video a second time, you should see a checkbox next to the option to Loop the movie. Clicking that checkbox will cause the movie to play continuously. Your movie’s looping will turn out perfectly if you follow these instructions, so don’t skip them!

How to Loop Videos on YouTube on Desktop


Can you change playback speed on looped videos?

When you are watching looping films, you will have access to the same settings that you have when you are playing back videos in general. This allows you to customise the viewing experience anyway you see fit. When you use YouTube, this means that you have the opportunity to change the playing speed, quality, and whether or not subtitles are displayed during the video. You also have the option to toggle the subtitles on and off during playback.

Can you play a YouTube video on repeat for views?

YouTube does not count loops towards unique views.

Does looping YouTube videos increase views?

Because YouTube does not count what it deems to be “low-quality views,” it is doubtful that looping a video will result in an increase in engagement metrics for your channel. The level of sophistication that Google and, by extension, YouTube (which is owned by Google) have in identifying true interaction as opposed to things like a video repeating several times for the same viewer during the same session is growing.

Putting a video in a continuous loop in an attempt to increase its number of views is therefore a waste of time and effort. If you think a video might be helpful or entertaining in any other manner, looping it is the best option to take.