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How to Make a Cartography Table in Minecraft: An Informational Guide


In this informational guide, we will show you how to make a Cartography Table in Minecraft. This is an extremely useful tool for map-makers and other players who want to track their location and movements in the game. The table can be used to create maps of your world, as well as track where you have been and where you are going. Let’s get started!

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Required Items:

In order to craft a Cartography Table, you will need:

  1. Crafting Table
  2. Any kind of Planks
  3. Paper

Exploring a few different villages until you uncover a house belonging to a cartographer is the quickest and easiest way to acquire a Cartography Table. You will discover a Cartography Table within, which may be disassembled into an inventory block. To crack it, you only need your hand or some simple tool to perform the trick.

How to Make a Cartography Table in Minecraft

How to Make a Cartography Table in Minecraft?

Acquire some Planks, get some Paper, and get a Crafting Table. Put two sheets of paper on the bottom of your table and then four planks on top of that. Or just burgle a Village and take one!

1. Open the grid for the 3×3 Crafting Table in the first step.

How to Make a Cartography Table in Minecraft

2. The second step is to arrange your planks and paper in the fashion shown above.

How to Make a Cartography Table in Minecraft

NOTE: Take note that different kinds of planks can be arranged into whatever configuration you like.


Do you need a cartography table to make a map in Minecraft?

The cartography table is a newly added table in Minecraft that enables you to deal with the game’s maps in a more organised and effective manner. A map can be copied, locked, and upgraded to a bigger size using a cartography table. You can also use it to unlock a map.

Are cartography tables Craftable?

Cartography tables can now be used for their intended purposes and can be constructed.

Can you combine maps in Minecraft?

It is not possible to combine maps. The only way to completely explore a map is to physically go across all of the territory that is depicted on the map while simultaneously holding that map in your hands.

Do cartographers give different maps?

If we purchase a map from the first cartographer, we will receive the same map as everyone else, but it will also include locations on the map where we have been disclosed. When you buy a map from a different mapper, you get the identical map, but it is absolutely untouched by exploration. This is demonstrated in the screenshots that have been given, which are of a local wooded mansion and a water monument.

What is a locked map in Minecraft?

When employing a glass pane in a cartography table, maps can be secured in a locked position. This action generates a new map with the same data and then locks the new map. Every single copy of the newly released map has been secured. A locked map will always display the same topography, regardless of any changes that may occur in the real world.

How do cartography tables work?

In Minecraft, there is a block known as the cartography table that has several different purposes. For villagers, this is the location of the worksite block for the cartographer profession. It is possible to make copies of maps, enlarge them, change their names, and convert them into locator maps in order to more easily keep track of where you are.