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How to Make a Map in Minecraft


Because the worlds in “Minecraft” are so vast, it is easy to lose your bearings if you go too far from the location from which you began the game. You may keep track of where you are on your voyage by drawing a map, utilizing beacons and lamps, or even creating your own. You have the option of creating maps on your own, purchasing them from other players, or discovering them randomly dispersed over the globe you have created in “Minecraft.” With the assistance of these maps, you will be able to ascertain where you currently are, where you have been, and where you want to travel in the future.

Once you have a map in your possession, you can even add your very own personalized markers to it, which is a terrific way to emphasize the features of your business that guests find to be the most fascinating. This may help you attract more customers to your establishment. The following is a walkthrough that will demonstrate not only how to get a map in “Minecraft,” but also how to make use of one once you have acquired it.

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How to Make or Find a Map in ‘Minecraft’

In “Minecraft,” you can either craft your own map, barter with other players for one, or open a chest to discover one inside.

Crafting a map

In Minecraft, you will require one compass in addition to eight pieces of paper in order to create a map. Both the paper and the compass are able to be created using raw materials that may be found by digging and scavenging around in your world.

To start, there’s paper. Sugar cane, one of the most abundant commodities available, is used in the manufacture of paper. In both swamp and desert biomes, sugar cane is most likely to be found growing in close proximity to water. You will get three pieces of paper if you arrange three pieces of sugar cane in a row on your crafting table. This indicates that you will require a minimum of nine individual pieces of sugar cane in order to complete your map.

The second item is a compass. You will need four iron ingots and one piece of redstone dust in order to create one of them. When mining, you should have little trouble discovering iron ore and redstone dust, particularly as you go closer to the centre of the earth. To mine redstone, you’ll need a pickaxe made of iron or a better material.

When you have at least one piece of redstone dust and four blocks of iron ore, you can use a furnace to transform the iron ore into four ingots of iron. The next step is to position the four ingots on a crafting table so that they are next to the centre block, where the redstone dust will be placed.