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How To Make A Spyglass in Minecraft


For a long time, the OptiFine mod was one of the only options available to Minecraft players who wanted to zoom in on anything that was far away. In contrast, starting with the 1.17 update, which included the first section of Caves and Cliffs, Mojang has opted to provide a convenient in-game manner of zooming into the horizon and viewing things from a distance quickly and conveniently.

Sniper scopes are a brand-new item that can be created using a variety of new materials that were introduced in the first half of the update as well. Given that there are no actual glass blocks or glass panes required for the creation of a spyglass, it can be difficult to figure out how to construct one naturally. If you’re looking to begin adventuring and would like to create the spyglass as quickly as possible, you’ve come to the right place..

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How to Crafting Ingredients Needed For A Spyglass

You’ll need to gather two crucial ingredients in order to craft a spyglass, and they’re not both necessarily that easy to find either.

  • 1 x Amethyst Shard
  • 2 x Copper Ingot

Where To Find Copper In Minecraft 1.17

To obtain copper ingots, you must first mine a sufficient quantity of raw copper. Fortunately, raw copper is abundant in Minecraft’s caverns these days and should be just as easy to come by as coal or iron ore in the future. A single block of copper ore can yield a large number of pieces of raw copper.

Copper ore may be found at almost any altitude, between levels zero and 96, which means you have a good chance of discovering copper in almost any cave or mountain biome you happen to come across. Once you’ve mined the copper ore and obtained your raw copper, you’ll need to process it in a furnace or a blast furnace to obtain copper ingots, which you can then sell.

Where To Find Amethyst Shards In Minecraft 1.17

Amethyst is a little more difficult to come by. In order to begin, you’ll need to locate an Amethyst Geode, which is a round, round black block-shaped place that looks like an egg from the outside and is made of quartz crystal.

They can be easily identified using a Night Vision potion, for example, underwater at the bottom of oceans, for example.

The elevation between bedrock and Y=70 is the most favourable for finding geodes.

While it is possible to come upon one by accident while mining around solid stone, if you live near a large body of water, it is well worth your time to take to the open sea and search for one at the bottom of the ocean.

Once you’ve discovered a geode, use a pickaxe to smash it open. You should be able to find a collection of purple blocks within the geode, on some of which amethyst clusters are growing.

As a rule, you should look for a cluster that is fully mature and as large as feasible. It may be mined using a regular iron pickaxe or a higher-level pickaxe to acquire amethyst shards.

How To Craft A Spyglass In Minecraft 1.17

Once you’ve gathered and prepped all of your supplies, you can quickly and easily make the spyglass by arranging the ingredients vertically on the three by three crafting table grid that has been created.