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Alan Wake 2: How to Get to the Oceanview Hotel


In Alan Wake 2, players will have to make their way to the Oceanview Hotel so Alan may have his initiation with the unknown caller. As soon as Alan reaches the lobby, he will encounter a series of rejections from the hotel. Alan’s primary story-building tool, Echoes, is available again within the Oceanview Hotel.

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How to Get to the Oceanview Hotel

It is necessary to follow the neon signs for Mirror Peak in order to get into the Oceanview Hotel. Find the first sign for Mirror Peak, which should be in a side street off of Ocean Avenue. Look for a sign with a neon arrow that points in the direction of the entrance to the alleyway.

Alan Wake 2: How to Get to the Oceanview Hotel

Keep going down this alley until you reach a point where you can interact with Casey in a cutscene. After the cutscene is complete, go through the door that’s directly beneath the Mirror Peak sign. If you wish to go farther into the building and find a Fix Word of Power, you should first investigate the alleyway that is to the left of the door.

Now, go down a ladder, then up some stairs, and use the Angel Lamp on a Light Source when you get there. Continue traveling through the rooftop while keeping an eye out for any unseen foes. If you need to save your game or gain access to the Shoe Box, you will need to travel via the cardboard tunnel and arrive in the Break Room.

Alan Wake 2: How to Get to the Oceanview Hotel

After leaving the Break Room, proceed up the next two ladders until you reach a rooftop that has a Light Source installed on it. Put the Light Source out of your mind for the time being. Pass through the door, then make your way down the steps. At this point, you should turn left in order to locate the correct entry to the Oceanview Hotel. You will, however, require the code in order to access the door.

Oceanview Hotel Door Code

In Alan Wake 2, our door code for the Oceanview Hotel when playing on normal difficulty is 2550. If this doesn’t work, try using the Angel Lamp on the Light Source to open the entrance to the rooftop bar next to the entryway, where you can peruse the beverages menu.

Alan Wake 2: How to Get to the Oceanview Hotel

For the same price as a “Oceanview Cocktail,” you can get the right door code. If you’re at the edge of the rooftop bar and want to get another Echo before entering the code to get into the Oceanview Hotel, you might want to take a peek at the Alex Casey billboard.

Oceanview Hotel Balcony Key Code

Players who have made it to the Oceanview property’s balcony will find a keypad lock protecting the entrance leading inside the property. The secret code can be found on one of the signs advertising the hotel’s new Oceanview Cocktail, which will be placed strategically around the patio.

Alan Wake 2: How to Get to the Oceanview Hotel

In order to get the double-barreled shotgun necessary to crack the code, players must first turn on the light in the storeroom by the patio and transform it into a bar (turn the light back off once they are inside the bar to return the area to the storeroom). While the bar is open and the lights are on in the storeroom, players can locate a menu tacked to the wall above the shotgun.

Prices for various drinks, including the aforementioned Oceanview Cocktail, are listed for players’ perusal. The key code is the $25.50 pricing of the Oceanview Cocktail, therefore players should study the menu and make note of that number.


How do you beat Nightingale in Alan Wake 2?

He reverts to his tactics from the initial ambush, but now he has no Source to use. Instead, always aim Saga’s revolver at his head to deal the most damage possible in Alan Wake 2. When Nightingale uses the flashlight, he loses some of the safety that his shadow normally provides, even in the absence of Source.

How do you beat Alan Wake 2 in scratch?

After aligning both lights, players will want to stand in the cage and bring Alan into the light, so they should continue damaging and stunning Alan in this sequence until both lights are in place. The combat will end after Alan enters the cage with Saga and a cutscene will begin.

Where are the bolt cutters Alan Wake 2?

At the conclusion of Alan Wake 2, you’ll find a set of bolt cutters. Take 5: The Ancient Gods. Saga Anderson travels to the Valhalla Nursing Home to visit the Old Gods of Asgard, including Tor and Odin.

Who is the bad guy in Alan Wake 2?

Remedy gives the concept of the multiverse a new lease on life as the antagonist in Alan Wake 2. Instead of being a fun backdrop or whimsical addition, the Remedy Connected Universe is a stifling presence.