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How to Make Potions in Terraria


There are many places to explore in the fantasy realm of Terraria, but going alone might be risky. In the game, companions can defend you, but there are moments when you have to do it alone. You should therefore make some potions before leaving. The effects and potency of potions vary in Terraria, with some of them having strong boosting effects. They must be made using bottles and gathered items. You may learn how to produce potions in Terraria by reading this article. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Make Potions in Terraria

Requirements for potions in Terraria:

When a character dies, all potion buffs (meal buffs but not flask buffs) are lost. Most potions in Journey Mode (for desktop, console, and mobile versions) need 20 items to be researched. Recovery potions need 30 different things.

Make Potions in Terraria:

Almost all of the game’s potions begin with bottled water. The main exception to this rule would be cheaper healing potions, which merely need standard glass bottles, gel, and mushrooms. If you want to produce healing potions, collect a lot of sand to make glass bottles out of. Combine two gels, mushrooms, and glass bottles to make two smaller healing potions.

How to Make Potions in Terraria

You need a bottled water base to start receiving the benefits of potion buffs. Simply have glass bottles in your inventory and stand next to a water source to create bottled water.

How to Make Potions in Terraria

To unlock the recipe, all you have to do is stand close to the water. The size of the water is irrelevant, and it is not consumed during the bottling process. Your own bottled water serves as the foundation for the majority of potions. Regeneration potions are a recipe that you might want to learn. This potion is a great addition when dealing with bosses because it will gradually restore your health bar.

How to Make Potions in Terraria

All you need to brew a regeneration potion at an alchemy table are bottled water, a day bloom, and a mushroom. Simply add bottled water to the crafting option the guide provides if you want to learn how to produce different potions. He will demonstrate the ingredients for practically all of the game’s potions.

How to Make Potions in Terraria


How do you make an alchemy table?

A user can create Potions at an alchemy station. Put a bottle, a pink vase, a mug, or any other flat object on a wooden table, workbench, wooden platform, etc.

Is there a love potion in Terraria?

Like Thrown Water in function, the Love Potion is a Hardmode-thrown potion with no practical use. All players, NPCs, monsters, and beasts will receive the Lovestruck debuff after being struck by a solid block, which will cause them to spew red hearts for 30 seconds like the Water Gun’s drip.

What workbench do you need to craft potions in Terraria?

The Placed Bottle serves as a place to create potions. This crafting station can be any of the following as long as it is set up on a flat piece of furniture: The Tinkerer’s Workshop, any platform, table, dresser, workbench, bookshelf, piano, or any of the other furniture types.

What NPC sells potions in Terraria?

One of the NPCs included in the AlchemistNPC mod is the alchemist. Along with the Brewer and Jeweler, he is one of the three NPCs that appear following the destruction of the Eye of Cthulhu. He offers new teleport potions that transport the player to various global points and restoration potions (mana and health).

What is the best way to get healing potions in Terraria?

In addition to being manufactured, Healing Potions can be discovered naturally in pots in the Underworld and once Hardmode has been activated. The Wall of Flesh and Skeletron both drop a few as well. (Mobile, Console, and Desktop Versions) In Hardmode, the Merchant and the Skeleton Merchant both sell these.