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How to Make the Chains in Terraria


Almost all of the chandeliers that are accessible in Terraria require chains. In addition to being utilized for crafting stations and furnishings, chains can also be placed as furniture and act like ropes. Ensuring a chain for the mobility element is wise because the early game can continue longer than anticipated.

Chain is also employed to create numerous functional and aesthetically pleasing things. This means having a lot of chains will be essential for your entire Terraria experience. You may learn how to create chains in Terraria by reading this article. Consequently, let’s begin:

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How to Make the Chains in Terraria

Required Materials:

One iron/lead bar is all you need to make a chain. You will also need a furnace to smelt your ore into bars and an anvil to unlock the recipe to create the chains. The grey ore can be found underground or not far from your globe’s surface. One bar is produced from every three iron/lead ore, and one bar produces ten chains.

Make Chains:

To begin, look for iron/lead ore. It is rather easy to locate, and you might even come across a few bars in randomly created chests. No matter where you obtain them, ensure you have enough to build your chains and an anvil if you don’t already have one. You will need 15 iron/lead ore and 5 iron/lead bars to create an anvil.

How to Make the Chains in Terraria

Stand close to your anvil once you have the necessary supplies and crafting locations, and scroll down until you see the chains. One of your iron/lead bars will convert into 10 chains once you click on this crafting recipe.

How to Make the Chains in Terraria

Uses of Chain:

Most frequently, chains are employed in a few different types of recipes. Three chains and a hook can be used to create a grappling hook; the same materials can be used to create chandeliers, torches, and chains; a chain, 10 pieces of wood, and 2 iron or lead bars can be used to create a sawmill; and the final component needed to create a heart lantern is a heart crystal.

How to Make the Chains in Terraria

The heart lantern might be useful during boss battles because it offers a special regeneration benefit. However, the majority of these recipes are for furnishings or decorative effects. This bonus can build up for boss engagements because it differs from regenerating potions and campfires. The grappling hook is a significant achievement for unlocking a significant section of your character’s movement, whereas the sawmill is primarily used to create beautiful furniture and can unlock some recipes.


What can you do with chains in Terraria?

Chains are used for climbing and as ingredients in different crafting recipes. They produce goods like Grappling Hooks, Sawmills, watch models, and chandeliers.

What is the range of a chain in Terraria?

The Chain Knife is a melee weapon that fires a projectile that resembles a knife and is tied to a chain, much like Flails, although it cannot be continually wielded by holding down the attack button. Although its quick usage time and velocity would make it a strong early to mid-game weapon, it only reaches a limited distance of 12 tiles.

Where do I get chain Terraria?

An Iron Anvil or Lead Anvil must be used to create the Chain, which produces a stack of ten Chains. It is necessary to make a variety of furniture pieces and watches for a total of 60 (sc).

How rare is the chain gun in Terraria?

During the Frost Moon event, Santa-NK1 has a 5.55%-12.5% / 12.5%-50% chance of dropping the Chain Gun. Rapid is the finest modifier for it. To conserve ammo, Godly could be recommended. It cannot have the Unreal modification since it can only obtain modifiers that grant a 15% speed boost due to its short use time.