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How To Photoshop Someone into Picture Photo Editing


Would want to recognize a way to Photoshop a person right into a photo to region human beings on innovative backgrounds you want? This isn’t very difficult, however calls for a few staying power and diligence. You’ll be capable of integrate unique human beings in a single picture graph and extrade your undeniable heritage into some thing thematic.

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1. Find Your Images

Select images. Pay interest to such factors as lighting, perspective, angles, and resolution. All these items need to be comparable in pix in case you need to get the maximum herbal result.

If images appearance absolutely one-of-a-kind and incompatible, you need to search for different matching shots. This is an crucial component to maintain in thoughts because the slightest variations can damage the entire image.

Tip: It’s simpler to reduce out figures from images with a smooth background.

2. Duplicate the Background Layer

Use the Cmd + J (for Mac)/Ctrl + J (for Windows) shortcut to duplicate the background layer.

3. Make a Selection

Define which difficulty you need to extract. Use the Quick Selection device to do this. Simply begin clicking at the character you need to select. You’ll see marching ants appear. You do now no longer want to be too correct whilst you Photoshop a person right into a photo at this stage. We’ll refine the choice with inside the subsequent steps. The primary aspect is to ensure that each one components of the frame are selected.

4. Create a Layer Mask

Create a layer masks via way of means of urgent the “Add Layer Mask” button at the lowest of the Layers panel. The decided on a part of the image will stay visible.

5. Refine the Selection

Press “\”. A red mask will appear to check the accuracy of the mask’s edges.

Use the Brush Tool to regulate the masks’ border. Brush permits you to paintings with the photo extra correctly and put off greater bits or upload lacking ones.

You shouldn’t rush. Work cautiously and most effective whilst the whole lot is prepared click “\” – the masks will disappear.

6. Transfer the Mask to a New Picture

Drag the masks layer to the picture graph wherein you need Photoshop individual into.

7. Resize the Extracted Person

The length and the placement of someone need to suit into the photo that you upload it to. The Free Transform device will are available reachable at this stage. Click “Free Transform” with inside the Edit menu.

You also can use the aggregate Cmd/Ctrl + T. You will see a field at the outdoor of the layer. Drag the nook of the field to resize the subject. Make certain that the proportions of the parent aren’t distorted. Hold the Shift key to govern it. Reduce the dimensions till the parent suits the photo.

8. Create Shadows

To make the photo seem greater herbal you could regulate lighting and shadows the usage of Curves. Mind, which you want to region the Curves layer below the masks layer.

If necessary, upload mild the use of Curves. Make positive to region the Curves layer above the layer with the person.

9. Adjust Colors

If the lighting fixtures in images is inconsistent, you furthermore may want to paintings with the publicity and hues of the inserted subject. They ought to now no longer destroy the color concord of a brand new picture.

Adjust publicity, lighting fixtures, contrast, white balance, blue and crimson levels. Performing these kind of manipulations you may come to be with a natural-searching picture.

Tip: Check that handiest the essential layer is changed. Hold down Alt/Option and pick the layer.

10. Done! Enjoy the Result

That’s all! Now you understand the way to Photoshop a person right into a picture. Of course, you want to spend a while to hone your skills, so don’t be discouraged in case your first works are a chunk unrealistic.



Photo editing is a process that we all go through, and it’s something that we’re going to do over and over again as we learn and grow as photographers. So why not make it as easy as possible on ourselves?

I hope this guide has been helpful. Every photographer has their own methods for editing photos, and I’ve tried to cover as many techniques as possible. But don’t forget to experiment and find what works best for you!