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How to Ping Phone from Apple Watch


You can use the ping my phone feature if you’re looking for an iPhone that is on, doesn’t have Airplane mode turned on, and is within Bluetooth range of your Apple Watch. Alternatively, you can use it to find an iPhone that is on, doesn’t have Airplane mode turned on, and is within Bluetooth range of your Apple Watch. Sign up for our free Tip of the Day Newsletter to receive additional information and advice regarding the Apple Watch. Now, here’s how to use your Apple Watch to ping your misplaced iPhone:

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How to Ping Phone from Apple Watch

1. Swipe up anywhere on the screen to access the Control Center.

How to Ping Phone from Apple Watch

2. Your iPhone is linked to the network and within range if the icon for it, which is green and located at the top of the screen, is green. To access your iPhone, select the grey icon. There will be a beeping sound coming from your phone.

How to Ping Phone from Apple Watch

3. If you tap and hold the iPhone icon on your home screen, your missing iPhone will make a beeping sound and flash its screen, which is handy if you are looking for it in the dark.

How to Ping Phone from Apple Watch

4. When you touch the iPhone icon or press and hold it for a few seconds, it will momentarily become blue and ping your iPhone. Therefore, if it takes more than one beep for your iPhone to be located, push the button once more to continue pinging your phone.

How to Ping Phone from Apple Watch

As a final point of clarification, if the iPhone symbol is greyed out and you are unable to press it, this means that your iPhone is either turned off or is not within range of the Bluetooth connection.


Why can’t I ping my phone from my Apple Watch?

Your iPhone and Apple Watch should be connected to one another in some way. Pinging your iPhone from your Apple Watch is possible if both devices are in close proximity to one another and if Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned on on both of them. Both of the devices are within range, and Bluetooth is turned on for both of them.

How far can you ping an iPhone from Apple Watch?

approximately 30 feet
One, the range of Bluetooth, which is the primary method by which the Watch and iPhone connect, is approximately 30 feet. #2: If they are outside of that range, they will make an effort to maintain “contact” by connecting to a local WiFi network whenever possible. It needs to be a network to which your phone can automatically connect, such as the one at your place of business or your residence.

Can I locate my iPhone from my Apple Watch?

The Find Gadgets app for Apple Watch can help you locate Apple devices you’ve lost or misplaced. To find your Apple devices you must connect them to your Apple ID.

Does Apple Watch have a location tracker?

Find My allows your Apple Watch equipped with GPS and cellular to utilise GPS in conjunction with a reliable Wi-Fi or cellular connection in order to display you an approximation of its whereabouts. The Apple Watch that comes equipped with GPS can make use of both GPS and a secure Wi-Fi connection.

Can I track my child with Apple Watch?

The most intriguing aspect is the new Family Setup service that Apple has introduced, which gives parents the ability to set up an Apple Watch for their children to use. They have the ability to decide which applications and services their children can use, as well as who their children can call or send messages to, and they can monitor their children’s locations using GPS.