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How to Play Doomfist in Overwatch 2


In the past, Blizzard has had trouble getting the Doomfist character in Overwatch to feel balanced. As a person who deals damage, Doomfist was either overbearing and unpleasant to compete against or so poorly balanced that taking control of him would be damaging to the performance of your team. A new game mode, a new playable character, and some tweaks to the already existing cast are all included in the latest version. Because of these adjustments, Doomfist, who had been a DPS agent in the past, now possesses the abilities and health points that are typical of a Tank. Doomfist has received a lot of attention as an overpowering Tank and quasi-DPS character after the beta run of the game, which allowed players to get a taste of the improvements that are being implemented into the game. In this essay, we will walk you through the steps necessary to play Doomfist in Overwatch 2. So let’s get started:

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How to Play Doomfist in Overwatch 2

It is recommended that Doomfist be used as a brawler tank that charges into battle to dismantle the opposition’s defences. This is not directly related to the ‘offtank’ or aggressive tank role that Overwatch gamers are accustomed to playing. The unilateral technique is currently considered to be the most effective and common way to play Doomfist. As a Doomfist main, your primary objective should be to charge up your Rocket Punch as quickly as as in order to target an enemy character and deliver massive damage to them, or possibly to eliminate a weaker opponent character. It entails positioning yourself in the enemy’s line of fire, activating the Power Block, and taking some chip damage while doing so in order to charge your gauntlet.

How to Play Doomfist in Overwatch 2

The other skills, such as Seismic Slam, function most effectively when used in concert with one another as part of a team. This allows you to charge into enemy territory and create a distraction while your DPS members take up space and plan their strikes. Doomfist, in particular, does quite well in this scenario as a result of the several mobility talents he possesses. You have the ability to crash into foes to temporarily stun them, cause some damage with your Hand Cannon, and then utilize the Rocket Punch to quickly escape back out while still dealing damage.

Doomfist’s Weapons and Abilities

Hand Cannon (Weapon):

How to Play Doomfist in Overwatch 2

This is a shotgun that Doomfist can fire from his hand, although it uses ranged projectiles instead of the typical shotgun pellets. Each pellet deals a damage equal to five, and the weapon is capable of firing four bursts before it automatically reloads itself following a brief delay.

Power Block:

How to Play Doomfist in Overwatch 2

Doomfist is able to act as a shield and take all incoming damage from opposing weapons thanks to this ability. This shield reduces damage taken by 80% and activates the Rocket Punch ability of the gauntlet after it has blocked attacks worth a total of 100 health points.

Rocket Punch:

How to Play Doomfist in Overwatch 2

This is a harmful mobility talent that allows players to charge up his gauntlet and launch in a specific direction. Players can choose the direction they launch in. It deals 15-30 damage on impact if it is directed towards an adversary, and it deals significantly more damage if it is slammed against a wall.

Seismic Slam:

How to Play Doomfist in Overwatch 2

Another destructive mobility talent, this one allows players to leap into the air and then crush the ground with an area-of-effect attack that deals 50 damage to anything in its path. This skill can also be utilized to jump to higher spots on the map at various points throughout the game.

Meteor Strike:

How to Play Doomfist in Overwatch 2

The ultimate ability of the Doomfist, which is quite similar to the Seismic Slam but allows you to choose the spot you want to crash into and deals significant damage. The area of effect’s innermost circle does 300 points of damage.

Passive Abilities:

How to Play Doomfist in Overwatch 2

This grants you a temporary armour bonus of up to 150, which can be used to reduce the damage taken from your abilities. After one second, the armour will begin to steadily deteriorate.


Is Doomfist good in Overwatch 2?

Doomfist’s first iteration was a very respectable damage hero with a good range of mobility. He had the ability to get up close and personal with his adversaries and do devastating levels of damage with his ability kit.

For instance, Doomfist can use Rocket Punch to deal damage to an adversary, Seismic Slam to close the gap on other foes, primary fire to slowly chip away at an adversary’s health, Power Block to protect himself from incoming damage and charge himself up, and then use Rocket Punch once more to return to his team thanks to the very short three-second cooldown on the ability.

Is Doomfist the best tank?

Doomfist is particularly good at mitigating or taking damage for his team despite having a smaller frame and a lower health pool in comparison to other tanks. This was fine when there were two tanks on the roster, but now that there is only one tank, Doomfist is not as strong of a pick as the other tanks on the roster because there is only one tank.

Does charging Doomfist do more damage?

After building up momentum, Doomfist will make a sudden lunge forward, knocking back an opponent and doing additional damage if they collide with a wall.

Did Doomfist get nerfed?

Players of Overwatch 2 feel that the nerfs to Doomfist rendered him more powerful than in Season 1. Doomfist’s overall power level has been significantly reduced as a result of significant nerfs, which came after his brief but dominating stint at the top of the meta in Overwatch 2.