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How to Connect Your PlayStation Account with Discord


Regrettably, the PlayStation 5 is one of the many consoles that are unable to use Discord in its original form. Other consoles include Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. But, there is a glimmer of hope: the world’s most powerful console to this day will enable you to have audio conversations with your pals while playing video games. Due to the fact that it is the only problem, the installation of the service cannot be finished. By reading the information that is provided in this page, you will get the knowledge necessary to link your PlayStation account with Discord. So let’s get started:

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How to Connect Your PlayStation Account with Discord

Sony has formed a partnership with Discord, which was made possible by an investment made by Sony Interactive Entertainment in the Series-H round of funding that was raised by the latter company. You will be able to link your PlayStation Network account with Discord beginning in January 2022; here’s how to do it.

1. Launch Discord and navigate to the User settings menu to get started.

How to Connect Your PlayStation Account with Discord

2. Next, select the Connections tab.

How to Connect Your PlayStation Account with Discord

3. Simply select the PlayStation logo to continue.

How to Connect Your PlayStation Account with Discord

4. Sign in with the credentials you have for your PlayStation.

When the long-awaited official release of Discord on Sony’s consoles eventually occurs, the application will have been fine-tuned to provide the greatest user experience possible. The browser version of Discord that you are required to use at this time was designed for PC users who are familiar with using a mouse and keyboard. The PS5 controller is substantially slower than its predecessor, and it is not a good replacement for the previous control scheme.

Because it has been optimized, you should find that navigating within the Discord app is considerably simpler. It is hoped that Sony will make this capability available sooner rather than later. Make sure that the options to Show on Profile and Display PlayStation Network as your status are chosen in the Connections settings box if you want to ensure that everyone is able to watch the gameplay that you are now participating in.


Can PlayStation Users talk on Discord?

Voice communication using Discord is now accessible to all PlayStation 5 users. Around the beginning of February, the integration was one of several new improvements that were made available in the beta version of a new system software release. Other enhancements included support for VRR. After the most recent version of the system software has been downloaded, it is now available to everyone.

Why can’t I connect my PSN account to Discord?

In order to make the necessary adjustments, go your PS5’s menu system to Settings > Users and Accounts > Privacy > See and Modify Your Privacy Options. In order to input your password on a PS4, navigate to the Settings menu, then select Account Management, and finally Privacy Settings. When all of that is finished, your PlayStation Network account should be linked to Discord automatically.

Does PS5 have Discord?

No matter who you are, starting today you’ll be able to utilize Discord on your PlayStation 5 console. Before we get started, make sure that your PlayStation 5 is running the latest version of update 7.0. This is a necessary step in order to obtain full Discord integration on your PlayStation 5.

Can PC join PlayStation party?

Assuming you have a PlayStation 5 or PS4 console, all that is required of you to use PlayStation Party Chat on your personal computer is to install the PS Remote Play programme. For instance, if your PlayStation console is located in the living room, but you want to participate in a PS Party Chat from your bedroom, this is a great solution.

Is there a PS app for PC?

You can take control of your PlayStation®5 console or PlayStation®4 console from a computer or a Mac that is linked to a high-speed network by using the application known as PS Remote Play.