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How to Play Into Bot Lobbies on Fortnite


The use of bot lobbies in Fortnite can be beneficial for a variety of different reasons. You can put them to use for general practice, particularly if you are transitioning from a controller to a keyboard and mouse, or if you simply wish to complete challenges. If you are not continually covered in perspiration, it will be much simpler for you to complete the Damage in Salty Springs mission. If you’re having trouble levelling up and want to get closer to completing Golden Agent Peely, then this tutorial will explain how to play in bot lobbies on Fortnite. If you’re having trouble levelling up and want to get closer to completing Golden Agent Peely, then you should read this guide. So let’s get started:

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How to Play Into Bot Lobbies on Fortnite

To begin, you’ll need two different devices that are capable of playing Fortnite. It could be a personal computer, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, or even a mobile device. That does not actually make a difference. You will only require your primary platform and one additional one.

How to Play Into Bot Lobbies on Fortnite

After that, you will need to create a brand-new account for Fortnite on your second platform. Simply create an account by following the very basic steps that are provided. If you’re doing it on a console, you might have to create a new gamertag and other identifying information, but you also have the option of delinking your primary account from the device.

How to Play Into Bot Lobbies on Fortnite

Once you have successfully logged into both accounts, you should add one another as friends. After that, you can make use of your secondary account to throw a party for your primary account. If you want to enter into bot lobbies with the new account, the new account has to be the party leader.

How to Play Into Bot Lobbies on Fortnite

After that, start a match with either duos or squads, depending on your preference. The first match for new accounts is always played against bot players; there are never any genuine players in the first match for a new account. When the match has started and you are either on spawn island or the combat bus, log out of your primary account and into your secondary account. Leave your primary account in a bot lobby.

How to Play Into Bot Lobbies on Fortnite

It is quite acceptable for your secondary account to receive the first punch card medal and likely level up as a result of these events. As a result of the secondary account quitting, the primary account’s first match is never finished, and it is never determined whether it won or lost. This is problematic since the primary account needs to finish this match in order to exit the bot lobby. You can take advantage of this vulnerability by constantly quitting the game, which will enable you to participate in bot lobbies on an ongoing basis.

How to Play Into Bot Lobbies on Fortnite

Due to the fact that the secondary account will only receive one punch card medal per day, the process of levelling up will be relatively sluggish. Because the account will automatically quit bot lobbies once it reaches level 10, you will need to create a new account on a regular basis. Yet, on the whole, it is a simple method that will make the process of grinding XP much simpler for you. You gain the most experience points from looting, therefore by doing this, you can plunder entire POIs without having to worry about running into any other players or being interrupted. It is to your advantage to play in squads because you will rack up more kills per battle, which will result in more experience being awarded.


Are bot lobbies in Fortnite real?

The bot lobbies in Fortnite are a fantastic opportunity to hone our abilities or simply have some fun while playing the game. Bot lobbies are simply matches in which all of the other opponents that are created are bots rather than actual players. They can be helpful for completing tasks or refining our aiming skills, and they are quite simple to utilise.

What is the easiest Fortnite region?

Because the Middle East is the most recent location to be added to Fortnite, players will find that it is the most straightforward to compete in this area.

Why is Fortnite so easy at the start?

The answer is quite straightforward: bots. Epic Games had stated that it intended to implement bots into the game at some point in the future, but no one knew for certain whether or not they were going to do so before the beginning of chapter 2 when the Black Hole was eliminated. It has come to our attention that the bots are present, and they are… The ability to rack up kills is not one of this character’s strong suits.

Do bot kills count Fortnite?

Nope. My kill count remained at 0 despite the fact that I had been killing bots for a half an hour. But, after playing a second round, my kill count remained at zero, yet the number of people I killed, captured, and helped on the team all climbed.

Does Fortnite match you by skill?

In Fortnite: Battle Royale, one of the game’s mechanics is called Skill-Based Matching, or SBMM for short. This leads players to be paired up against other players who have a skill level that is comparable to their own. Even while this mechanic was already present in Arena, Season X was the first time it was used in any of the core playlists.

What is the most unpopular place in Fortnite?

However, the location of Flush Factory, which is exceedingly disadvantageous for the vast majority of circumstances, is the aspect that causes it to be so far down on the list. Yet according to the majority of players, Wailing Woods is the worst area to land in Fortnite.