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How to Put Spaces in Your Instagram Bio


Even though Instagram was one of the first social media platforms, the app still lacks key features that are stuck in the stone age of mobile apps. This includes formatting for captions and your bio, which are both text-heavy portions of your profile. A great number of Instagram users look for workarounds to increase the amount of space available in their bios, such as using symbols to break up the text. However, doing so may cause your bio to become unwieldy and difficult to read.

When it comes to placing spaces in your Instagram bio, there are better solutions available. Here are some options for when you are using your mobile device.

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How to Put Spaces in Your Instagram Bio On Mobile App

1. On your mobile device, open the notes app, and start typing down your biography, making sure to insert any line breaks that you want.

2. Select the text that you would like to copy, and then click the “Copy” button.

How to Put Spaces in Your Instagram Bio

3. Open the Instagram app that was downloaded to your smartphone.

4. In the menu on the bottom, choose the icon that looks like a profile picture of you.

5. Go to the menu and select the “Edit Profile” option.

6. Go to the “Bio” section of your profile, and within that section, delete any existing language that you do not wish to keep. 7. Navigate to the “About” section of your profile.

How to Put Spaces in Your Instagram Bio

7. In the space labelled “Bio,” hold down your finger for a few seconds in order to access the “Paste” option.

How to Put Spaces in Your Instagram Bio

8. Take off the period at the end of the last word that is found before each line break.

How to Put Spaces in Your Instagram Bio

9. To finish the assignment, press the “Done” button twice when prompted to do so.


How do you start a new line in Instagram bio?

You may add line breaks to your Instagram bio (like in the example below) by pressing “Return” in your bio on the desktop version of Instagram. This will accomplish the same thing as the example below.

What can I use instead of br?

Without utilising the br> element, there are a number of other ways to break the line. The following is a list of the utilised properties: white-space: pre; This is a special character that, when added to elements, causes them to behave like the pre tag. display: block; It adjusts the display attribute of items so that they show in block form.

How do you use a BR tag?

The br> tag allows for the addition of a single line break. Writing addresses or poetry might be made easier with the use of the br tag. The br> tag is considered an empty tag, which indicates that it does not have an associated end tag.

How do you make a line break without br?

By utilising pseudo-elements, it is possible to provide HTML components with a line break without needing to make use of a break return tag (br>). Pseudo-elements are utilised in the process of applying a style to a particular portion of an element.