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How to QA the Different Stages of Development


In the process of developing a software product, it is important to adhere to a number of requirements to ensure the quality of the program. But what exactly is the quality of the program? After all, “quality” can be understood in different ways for game QA testing.

Let’s take a look at what is software quality assurance and control with you.

Quality assurance. It includes a list of characteristics and properties of the program that must be observed during the development of the program. It executed during its operation. Quality assurance is carried out at all stages of software development. it’s from the beginning of development to the release of the program for use.

Quality control. It means checking the fulfillment of software requirements and an overall assessment of the development. The main task of quality control is to find errors in the program and their further correction.

Software control and quality assurance is determined in accordance with different requirements depending on the specifics of the project. The basic requirements, often defined for any program, are:

  • Functionality. It includes a set of actions that solve the user’s tasks. The set of these actions is described in the functional requirements for the software.
  • Reliability. It defines the requirement under which the program must perform its tasks under certain conditions and for a given amount of time. The program should not only work correctly, but also terminate its work correctly, without affecting the safety of user data.
  • Mobility. It determines the ability to use the program on other hardware, or in conjunction with other programs.
  • Efficiency. It determines the degree of performance of the program with the resources of the operating system allocated to it.
  • Ease of use. It means simple and easy use of the program and its components for the user.

Maintenance is the requirements for the process of improving the program, fixing errors, adding new functionality.

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