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How to Remove a Header in Your Google Docs


You will learn how to erase headers in Google Docs with the help of this article, which will also give you with step-by-step instructions. These details pertain to the Google Docs programmes that are available for free download on web browsers, Android phones and tablets, and Apple iOS devices. So let’s get started:

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How to Remove a Header in Your Google Docs

One command in the online interface of Google Docs is all that is needed to delete the header content automatically. On the other hand, if you are using a mobile app and you want to get rid of a header, you will have to delete the text.

In the Web App

1. Select the header that you do not want to keep and click “Delete.” After that, click the arrow next to the Options drop-down menu, and then pick Remove header from the option that appears. You also have the option to select Format > Headers & footers > Remove header from the menu bar. This will remove the header from the document.

How to Remove a Header in Your Google Docs

2. It is important to remove each header individually if the document has headers on the first page, headers that indicate if the page is odd or even, and any other headers that may be present.

In an Android and iOS

If you are using the mobile apps, there is no automated way to get rid of a header in a Google Docs document that you have created. Instead, use the Delete or Backspace key, or select the text and then use the Cut option on Android and iOS devices. You can also simply use the Backspace key.

1. Tap the More button (it looks like three vertical dots stacked horizontally), then activate the Print Layout toggle switch.

How to Remove a Header in Your Google Docs

2. To remove a header from a website, navigate to the page where it appears and tap the header area.

3. Choose the text for the header.

4. Cut the Tap.

How to Remove a Header in Your Google Docs

5. To exit the header, tap anywhere on the page where there is no text.


What Is a Header in Google Docs?

It is possible to include a wide variety of information in the header of a Google Docs document. Inside of the top margin of each page, you are able to add anything you want, including page numbers, a document title, information about the author, or anything else.

How do I edit a custom header?

When you select the header, the name of the template that appears at the very top of the page will change to “Page Header.” You will now see choices to adjust the header’s layout, colour, border, and dimensions whenever you click the ‘Settings’ icon on the toolbar. This icon is located in the upper-right corner of the toolbar. As an illustration, we will alter the colour of the background in the header.

Why can’t I unlink my header in Word?

Remove the links between the headers and footers of the previous sections.

To view the header or footer, click anywhere on the page. You can disable the link by going to the Header & Footer tab and then clicking the Link To Previous button. In this section, you should type a new header as well as a footer. Now that it is unlinked, it operates independently of the ones that came before.