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How to Report a Discord User on iPhone, iPad, and Android


The name “Discord” refers to a social messaging application designed expressly to fulfil the requirements of a wide range of communities. When you join a Discord server, you might get the impression that you are becoming a member of a community of people with similar interests. However, this is not necessarily the case. You may feel the need to report someone if they are harassing you in any way, including sending spam to your direct messages or making any unwanted contact with you. This tutorial will walk you through the procedures necessary to report a user on Discord using an iOS or Android device, such as an iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet. So let’s get started:

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How to Report a Discord User on iPhone, iPad, and Android

Follow these steps on your mobile device to complete the work that has been given to you:

1. You need to go into the channel that contains the individual giving you problems, and while you are in that channel, you need to press and hold their name while it is displayed in the chat.

How to Report a Discord User on iPhone, iPad, and Android

2. When the pull-down menu appears, scroll down until you reach the bottom and then pick Report.

How to Report a Discord User on iPhone, iPad, and Android

3. Now is the time for you to report both the communication and the reason for it, whether it be spam, abuse or harassment, damaging misinformation, violent extremism, or doxing, which is the act of disclosing private identifying information.

How to Report a Discord User on iPhone, iPad, and Android

4. If you receive a direct message from another user that seems suspicious or insults you, please click the red button labelled “Report Spam.”

How to Report a Discord User on iPhone, iPad, and Android


How many reports does it take to get banned on Discord?

More than ten people need to report you before Discord will ban you. As soon as your reported cases reach 10, Discord will immediately take the appropriate procedures and ban you from the platform within two or three days.

How do you get someone’s Discord taken down?

You have the option of immediately reporting the person and the offense to the platform, or you may get in touch with a member of the moderation staff that oversees the particular Discord server. Regrettably, there is not straightforward way to report another user on Discord. You will first need to locate the message link, and then you will need to send that information to the Discord moderators.

How to get someone’s Discord account banned?

The staff of the Discord API has confirmed that a user cannot be banned UNLESS cached by the server. This indicates that banning someone BEFORE they enter the server will not work, even with bots. This DOES work if the user is CACHED to the server or has left but has once been in the server at one point. Alternatively, it works if the user has been in the server at one point.

What happens if a 12-year-old is on Discord?

Due to the fact that Discord is an open chat platform, Common Sense Media suggests that users be at least 13 years old to utilize it. Because it is totally user-generated, there is the possibility for a large amount of improper content, such as obscene language and photos (although it is entirely possible to belong to a group that prohibits these).

Does Discord ban IP?

There are situations when Discord will ban an IP address. You will want a different IP address in order to solve this issue so that you can unban yourself from the server. If you use a different device, network, or virtual private network (VPN), you might obtain a new IP address.