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How to Clear Spotify Queue on Windows and Mac


When did you last go into Spotify and check your folders and queue? Do you have lengthy playlists with a lot of songs that you can’t even remember why you liked them when you listened to them? If you use Spotify on a computer, clearing up your Spotify queue is a simple operation that won’t take more than a few minutes. This is especially true if you use Spotify on a mobile device. To your relief, the desktop application has a Clear option that, when clicked, will immediately remove all of the tracks currently queued up on your computer. This post will walk you through clearing your Spotify queue on both Windows and Mac operating systems. So let’s get started:

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How to Clear Spotify Queue on Windows and Mac

You can delete everything in your Spotify queue by following these steps on a computer running either Windows or Mac OS X:

1. Begin using Spotify by launching the application.

How to Clear Spotify Queue on Windows and Mac

2. Click the button that looks like three lines in the bottom right corner of the screen to add items to the queue. This button is located in the middle of the screen.

How to Clear Spotify Queue on Windows and Mac

3. You may locate the button to clear the playlist directly underneath the section that says “Now Playing.” Make sure that you choose it and click on it.

How to Clear Spotify Queue on Windows and Mac

4. If you wish to remove songs one at a time, you must right-click on each song separately and then click the Remove from Queue button after each song has been selected.

How to Clear Spotify Queue on Windows and Mac

If there aren’t any songs in the queue at the moment, the Clear option won’t be shown to you as a choice to choose. On the other hand, if organizing your profile is really a priority, you can also clear out the history of recently played songs on Spotify. You can do this if you go to the “History” section of your profile.


Is there a queue limit on Spotify?

You can add songs to your queue by right-clicking on the three dots that appear next to the song’s title or by pressing the dots on your touchscreen and selecting “Add to Queue” from the menu that appears. There is no cap placed on the number of songs that can be added.

Is there a max queue for Spotify?

When compared, the maximum number of people allowed in a wait is approximately 80. It is highly recommended that you put songs that you enjoy listening to in this “queue” playlist, and then arrange them in the order that best suits your tastes. If you will, think of it as more of a permanent line rather than a temporary one. You can make a playlist as an alternative to clearing up your queue till such time as Spotify does it for you.

Why does Spotify keep adding songs to my queue?

One of the most typical reasons why Spotify will continue to add random music to your playlist is the fact that your library has fewer than 15 songs. If you don’t have the recommended quantity of tracks, they will keep adding music to your library in order to fill the space.

Is there a Spotify app for Mac?

On your Macbook, go to the Spotify website and look around. Find the option labeled “Download” on the main menu, then click on it. Simply select “Allow” in the pop-up box that appears to start the Spotify download. You can find the Spotify installer in your Downloads folder after you have unzipped it.

How many Spotify streams at once?

Spotify Individual allows users to stream music from only a single device at any given time. Spotify Student only permits one account to stream at a time, regardless of the number of devices being used. With Spotify Premium Duo, you may simultaneously stream on two different devices. With Spotify Premium Family, you and up to five of your friends can listen to music simultaneously on up to six different devices.

Does Spotify shuffle the queue?

You can accomplish this by selecting the shuffle option from the menu. When you shuffle your playlist, the order of the songs in the queue is changed. As a result of the songs being played in a randomized order, each time you listen to the playlist, you will have an experience that is completely unique.