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How to Reset Google Wifi


Reset Google Wifi

In case you are utilizing a Google WIFI router, then, at that point, you might observe that you want to reset it eventually. Maybe you might want to change the WIFI secret key yet can’t sign into the router, or you without a doubt need to bring it back. Here is a bit by bit guide on the best way to Reset Google Wifi router securely as suggested by the maker.

On the off chance that your Google Wifi isn’t working as expected, or you will send the gadget back to Google, you ought to play out a plant reset first. Resetting your Google Wifi clears all information off the gadget, assisting it with working appropriately just as securing your information and deleting your settings.

One of the famous themes from our new Connect PS4 to Hotel Wifi article was regarding how to reset your Google Nest WiFi framework when you’re out of choices. Beneath you’ll track down bit by bit directions to do exactly that for all variants of the stage.

Simply note that in case you play out a reset on the actual gadget, this data will in any case be protected on the application for as long as a half year. This is what you want to know to Reset Google Wifi, in two distinct ways.

How to Reset Google WIFI Router – Getting Started

Make Sure the Router is Powered and Online

You can’t reset the router assuming that it isn’t connected and turned on. Ensure the router is connected to an electrical plug and completely turned on before you endeavor to reset it.

You can tell the situation with the router by the light strip at the middle.

  • No light means the router is most likely not connected to an electrical plug. You could likewise have crippled or diminished the light pointer from the Google Home application.
  • Irregular white light means the router is driving up. Give it a couple of moments to completely boot up before you endeavor to reset it.
  • Stable white light means the gadget is on and working appropriately.
  • The gadget will show a yellow light when it is resetting.
  • Red light means the router has a basic blunder and presumably should be Reset Google Wifi.

You can likewise check in the event that the router is on through the Nest application. Open the application on your gadget and check whether the router is appearing on the dynamic gadget list.

In case you had effectively set up the router, you can likewise check whether the WIFI network is noticeable on the organization list.

Resetting the Router (2 Methods)

There are two simple ways you can reset your Google router. You can reset it utilizing the reset button on the router or utilizing the Google Home application.

The primary technique is the most straightforward and can be useful in case the router is unavailable through the organization and can’t be seen on the Home application.

The two strategies will clean the router off and dispose of your settings. Notwithstanding, utilizing the application will guarantee that every one of your information is deleted and the router eliminated from the gadget list.

You might need to physically eliminate the router from the gadget list assuming you utilize the equipment Reset Google Wifi. Google will likewise erase use information gathered from the router following a half year.

Method 1- Use the Hardware Reset Button

Reset Google Wifi

This technique includes squeezing an actual button to reset the router. The reset button is situated at the lower part of the Google WIFI router and is typically the main button there.

After you’ve ensured that the router is fueled and on backup, find the reset button and press and hold it for around ten seconds.

Squeezing and holding the actual reset button will turn the router’s pointer yellow. This demonstrates that the router has distinguished that you need to do a processing plant reset.

Delay until the yellow light quits glimmering and turns strong yellow before you discharge the Reset Google Wifi. In any case, be mindful so as not to hold. The button for over ten seconds as this will keep the router from resetting.

Assuming you coincidentally surpass the ten seconds, then, at that point, you should turn off the router. Plug it back and hang tight for no less than a moment prior to retrying.

Trust that the router will finish the reset interaction. It should require roughly ten minutes for the reset cycle to finish.

The light pointer will beat white to show that the gadget is in its production line setting and fit to be set up.

Method 2- Reset the Router Using the Home App

This technique is suggested on the grounds that it clears the router as well as eliminates. It off of the gadget list and deletes its information from Google distributed storage.

In any case, you can possibly utilize the application on the off chance that the route. As yet working appropriately and associated with the application through the organization.


Reset Google Wifi router from the Home application is a direct interaction.

  1. Open the Google Home application on your cell phone or tablet.
  2. Track down the WIFI router on the rundown of gadgets and tap on it. Tap on “settings”.
  3. Found the choice named “Manufacturing plant reset WIFI point. Tap on it then, at that point, pick “industrial facility to reset”. The application will inquire as to whether you are certain. Tap yes to start the reset interaction. The router pointer will turn strong yellow until the reset interaction is finished.

Ensure you have kept an actual reinforcement of your router settings before you endeavor a processing plant reset on your router. An industrial facility reset will wipe every one of your information and return the router to its default settings.