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How to Save Kaitlyn in The Quarry


When there is typically a huge cast of characters, select ones may become a player’s favourite, while the absence of others may not necessarily be grieved by the player. This is especially true in situations where there is a large number of characters. The character of Kaitlyn, who appears in Supermassive Games’ The Quarry, will most likely be of the former sort. If you want to see this spunky lady make it out alive at the end of the night, there are some very crucial things that you will need to get done first. So, if you have been scratching your head over how to rescue Kaitlyn from The Quarry, here is your answer. So let’s get started:

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How to Save Kaitlyn in The Quarry

Although it might not be obvious at first, there are a few occurrences that took place prior to any challenges that Kaitlyn might face while she is in The Quarry. Thank goodness, assistance is available from us.

Chapter 1 (Abigail)

When it comes time for you to take command of the Abigail, the first choice you will need to make is whether or not to sneak into the cabins and retrieve your belongings or whether or not to abandon them altogether. Be sure to break the lock so that Kaitlyn and Abigail both have a chance at surviving to see another day. You will also find a stuffed toy inside; it is essential that you hang on to this item as well because it will be used in a later step.

How to Save Kaitlyn in The Quarry

Chapter 9 (Dylan)

As Dylan and Kaitlyn make their way to the junkyard, the action skips ahead in time towards the conclusion of the game. As soon as you begin controlling the crane in this area, a beast will make an attempt to eat both of the counsellors. Make the decision to alert Kaitlyn of the approaching attack, and you will be successful in the quick-time events. Be sure to also opt to blow the horn, since this will assist in maintaining the counsellors’ sense of security. If for some reason Kaitlyn ends up getting bitten, the only chance to save her at the conclusion of the game is to eliminate Silas.

How to Save Kaitlyn in The Quarry

Chapter 10 (Kaitlyn)

Chapter 10 will present you with the last obstacle to overcome on your trek to save Kaitlyn’s life in The Quarry. The lodge will come under attack by the monster, and you will have to decide whether to get silver ammo from Abigail and Emma or whether to take cover in the kitchen. If you choose the first strategy, you will need to have accurate aim in order to kill the beast. If you choose the second strategy, you will need to distract the beast with the stuffed animal in order to get it into the freezer.

How to Save Kaitlyn in The Quarry

In either case, this will ensure that Kaitlyn is still alive when the story comes to a close. That is all the information regarding how to rescue Kaitlyn from The Quarry that you will require.


How can I help Kaitlyn in The Quarry?

If you toss the rabbit into the freezer, the werewolf will follow it in, and then Kaitlyn and Dylan will have the opportunity to trap it inside the appliance and save the group. Because of this, Kaitlyn is no longer in imminent danger of dying, and she will be able to make it through the ordeal at Hackett’s Quarry.

Who can’t be saved in The Quarry?

However, if you want the story to have a happy ending, you should sacrifice every Hackett family member other than Travis. Keeping Travis alive will give you the opportunity to complete the White Wolf award by killing Silas. Aside from that, the fact that Travis is one of the prerequisites for reaching the happy ending of the game makes him the Hackett who is the most useful of all of them.

Can you keep everyone alive in The Quarry?

If you want to save everyone and receive the best ending, you have to kill the beast at the conclusion of the game. If you don’t, Laura and the sheriff will both perish, and everyone will still be infected. If you want to save everyone and have the best possible ending, you have to shoot Silas the second time you get the chance.

Should Kaitlyn run or wait The Quarry?

It makes no difference which option you pick because either one will be a safe choice as long as the quick-time events are passed successfully.