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How to Screenshot on Samsung S21 Ultra


Samsung has been one of the leading innovators in the smartphone industry. One of their newest phones is the Samsung S21 Ultra. This is a sleek and sophisticated phone with great features. However, it can be challenging to learn how to use all of its features. Just like most other smartphones, there are ways to take screenshots on this phone too!

It’s essential to learn how to screenshot on a Samsung S21. As the saying goes, “screenshot or it didn’t happen.” There are three different ways you can take a screenshot on a Samsung S21.

Here are some helpful tips for learning how to screenshot on Samsung S21 Ultra.

Take Screenshot In Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Using Palm Swipe Features

On a few phones, you’ve got got a screenshot even with out urgent a button, simply you need to set this up.

  • To Turn On this selection you need to visit Settings→Advance feature→Motions & Gestures. Enable Palm swipe to capture.
  • Now you may take a screenshot with the aid of using swiping the brink of your hand in your phone’s screen.
  • Now to peer your Screenshot you visit the gallery and visit the Recently introduced images.

Take Screenshot In Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Using Assistant Menu

  • First, you need to visit Settings
  • Then you need to visit Accessibility→ interplay and Dexterity
  • After that, you need to Enable the Assistant menu

Take Screenshot In Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Using Your Voice

Today all Android telephones include a Google Assistant service, you may take screenshots with a easy voice command. “Ok Google, take a screenshot,“ and then the screenshot of anything could be in your display could be captured.

You also can upload instructions collectively and say “Ok Google, take a screenshot and percentage it on Facebook, Twitter.“

Take Screenshot In Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Using Application

If you need to take a screenshot the use of the software, then I even have give you the first-rate screenshot software for you. The call of this screenshot software is Screenshot Easy, which permits you to take screenshots in a completely smooth way.

How to Screenshot an Entire App (Even if It’s Off the Screen)

You can also extend your screenshot to encompass the entire app window. If you’re in an app or a web page longer than the screen can show, you can extend your screenshot down to capture the whole scene.

  • After taking the screenshot, you’ll see an icon next to the screenshot preview represented as two arrows pointing down inside a box. Tap and hold it while the page scrolls down. Release the button when you have gotten as much of the page as you want.

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How do I take a screenshot on different Samsung fashions?

Depending for your Samsung telecellsmartphone model, how you are taking a screenshot on a Samsung telecellsmartphone may have comparable steps however can vary. For example, urgent Volume Down and the Side button on the equal time will seize a screenshot on maximum fashions, however those keys’ places can be in specific places. Some Samsung fashions help a palm swipe to seize a screenshot, and lots of fashions help the usage of a voice assistant, along with Bixby or Google Assistant, to take a screenshot. So, for example, you can say, “Hey Bixby, take a screenshot.”


So this text become approximately a way to Take Screenshot In Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra. I wish you locate this text beneficial and good! You can see greater comparable Take Screenshot courses from here.