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How to Connect Vizio TV to Wifi Without Remote


So you just bought a new Vizio TV and now you can’t connect it to wifi. The problem is, you don’t have the remote anymore. You can’t find the one that came with your TV so how do you connect to your wifi network? Well, don’t worry. There are some easy steps to follow.
First of all, click on the “Network” icon on the top right corner of your screen. Now, select “Settings” from this menu. You will then be taken to the Settings Menu where you need to select “Wireless Network Connection”
On this page, click on “Scan” which will scan for the networks around you and show them in green. Click on your wifi network which should be named accordingly and enter its password if needed
The last step is to click “Connect”. This will connect your Vizio TV to wifi without a remote!

Connect Vizio Smart TV To WiFi/Internet Without Remote

There are Two Best Ways To Connect Your Vizio TV To WiFi Without a Remote:

  • Using Ethernet Cable
  • Using a Universal Remote

Things may vary according to the model of your Vizio Smart TV but the basic procedure will be the same for all the steps.

Ethernet Cable Connection To Vizio Smart TV

To join your Vizio Smart TV to the net, you’ll want an ethernet cable.

Then comply with the stairs to attach your TV to the net properly.

  • Locate an Ethernet Port for your Vizio Smart TV. It is in most cases behind all Smart TVs consisting of Vizio
  • Then find the same ethernet port at the router from in which you need to create the relationship for your Vizio TV
  • Plug one cease of ethernet cable to your router and any other lead to Vizio Smart TV
  • Turn your Vizio Smart TV ON the use of the electricity button positioned at the again left aspect of your TV
  • Now locate the menu button from the set of buttons positioned at the again or the front of your Vizio TV. If you don’t locate those buttons, you can’t continue with this method
  • Go to the Home Network
  • Here you’ll be requested to pick out the relationship type. You ought to select “Wired Network”
  • Once done, your Vizio Smart TV might be linked to the Internet/WiFi.

Universal Remote

You should have at least one universal remote at your home that you could use with all the devices with lost/damaged remotes.

A universal remote can work great with all remote devices including the Vizio Smart TV.

Though there are many universal remotes available in the market, the most popular and best universal remotes are Logitech Harmony Remotes.

Once you have this universal remote, you will not need the Original Vizio Remote and you will be able to connect to the internet/WiFi.

How To Connect Vizio TV To Wifi Without Remote

The Vizio TV is a great way to have a high quality viewing experience without spending too much. The only issue is that it can be difficult to connect your Vizio TV to wifi. To do this, you will need to find the network name and password from the owner of your wifi or from your internet provider.

To find the network name and password, go into Settings on the top right corner of the screen, select Network Connection, and then select Scan. This will scan for all available networks. Select your desired network and enter in any passwords if necessary. Once you have done that, click Connect!

Video For Better Understanding


I hope, after this guide, you will be able to connect your Vizio Smart TV to WiFi/Internet without having a remote. Even without a remote, you can use all the features of your Vizio TV once connected to the internet. But it is recommended to have a replacement remote at the earliest.