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How to Sign Out of Google Account on Your PC


It’s perfectly fine to keep your Google account signed in at all times if no one else has access to the computer you’re using (like at home or in a locked workplace). This holds true even if your computer is never used by anyone else. Similarly, if you never allow your phone out of your sight or hand, you won’t need to worry about this. Although logging back into your Google account only takes ten seconds, it’s still a good idea to sign out when you’re done using the service. The time required to sign back into Google Account is constant. You should also make it a habit to log out of Google every so often, especially if you use a shared computer or frequently leave your mobile device unattended. Follow the procedures outlined in this article to log out of Google on your personal computer. Okay, so here we go:

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How to Sign Out of Google Account on Your PC

There is no justifiable reason not to log out of your Google account, as doing so requires no more effort than just clicking a button. It is possible to do so from almost any website on Google, such as your Gmail account or a Google document.

1. Navigate to the top right corner of the screen and select your profile image from the drop-down menu.

How to Sign Out of Google Account on Your PC

2. To access the pull-down menu, simply click on the image.

3. At the very bottom of the menu, locate and click the “Sign out” link.

How to Sign Out of Google Account on Your PC

You have now successfully logged out of Google’s services. Do you want to sign in again? Simply follow the instructions that Google provides to you and click on the blue box that has taken the place of your profile picture. It says “Sign In.”


Why can I sign out of my Google account?

In the event that Google repeatedly logging you out of your account, you can attempt the following steps: Check to see that the cookies are enabled. It’s possible that your cookies will be deleted if you use certain antivirus or similar software. If cookies are enabled on your browser, you will need to clear the cache.

Why is there no sign out button on Gmail?

You will need to pay in order to use the Gmail sign-out app. Go to Google Play, search for “gmail sign-out,” pay the $10 and install fee, agree to give Google all of your private information, and use Google Pay to subscribe to the service. The cost is $.04 each gmail sign-out or $3.86 per month for unlimited sign-outs, and you must pick the autopay option.

What will happen if I sign out of chrome?

Chrome should be logged out.

Even after signing out of your account, you will still have access to your passwords, bookmarks, and history, among other settings. However, any modifications that you make won’t be stored to your Google Account or synchronized across your other devices if you do make any changes.

What is the key to sign out?

Ctrl + Alt + Del

This is by far the most common and efficient shortcut for turning off your computer. In this section, you will find choices to log out of your account or move between different users’ accounts.

Does Google collect data when signed out?

Google is still able to trace parts of your activity even if you aren’t logged in to your Google account at the time. If your browser or device does not already have a cookie, Google will give it one so that it may anonymously keep track of your activity on Google sites for as long as the cookie is set. This applies only if your browser or device does not already have one.

What is difference between logout and sign out?

The question that was originally asked: What is the distinction between signing out and logging out? When you log out of a website, all that happens is that your connection to the network is severed; however, you will still be able to use the network normally. When you log out of a website, all of the activities you were participating in on that site are terminated.