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How to Sit Out in Fortnite


When playing Fortnite with your team, it’s fantastic to get in many sessions in a row. However, it’s important to take pauses to ensure that you keep hydrated and to do some small workouts in between games.

It is understandable that you would not want to keep the rest of your squad waiting. Even if you’re only going to be gone for a single match, you have the option to “sit out” of the party. Instead of leaving the party, you can sit out a match to avoid wasting any time before returning to the action after you’re done with it.

If you choose to sit out a battle, your squad mates will be able to queue up for another Fortnite encounter, but you will be removed from the matchmaking pool altogether. In Fortnite, there are several ways to sit out matches.

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How to Sit Out in Fortnite

  • The social panel may be accessed by using the ESC key on a computer, the Options key on an Xbox or PlayStation, or the Plus button on a Nintendo Switch to reveal it.
  • Select “Sit Out” from the drop-down menu on the left-hand side of the screen.

  • The status of your character will be changed to “Sitting Out” as soon as you select “Sit Out.” It is likely that you will continue to be benched until you return and update your status using the same way as described above. Using the sit out option will be unavailable if you are not a member of a group, but you will still be able to alter your status from “Away” to “Away.”

Additionally, when you return to the lobby after a game and your whole team decides to locate another match via the after-game screen, you can choose to sit out of the game. Because the rest of your team will begin looking for a match when you return to the lobby, you will be immediately assigned the “Sitting out” status. If this happens by accident, you’ll want to inform your team so that they may return to the main menu and queue with you once again if necessary. In the event that they discover a game without you, they will either have to quit the match and look for another one with you, or they will have to sit out a game for the sake of the team.



Where is the sit out button in fortnite?

In the social menu, users should pick the cog symbol to the right of their own username/avatar to access the settings menu. This will expose several more choices, including a Participation dropdown menu if the player is a member of a group of people. The option to Sit Out from this menu will be exactly what players will want to do if they want to take a brief break from the festivities.

How do I leave Fortnite on PS4?

To log out of your Fortnite account on the PlayStation 4, you must first hit the Home button on your controller’s analogue stick. To close the programme, first choose it from your home screen’s tile menu, then click Options, and finally Close application. Instead of simply logging out of the servers, this will force the programme to shut down completely.