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How to Start a Prosperous City in Steamworld Build on Xbox


Start a Prosperous City in Steamworld Build

This guide to start a a prosperous city in steamworld build will help you no matter what gaming console you are using, Either you are playing it on Xbox Series, Nintendo or any other.

Now, we will guide you through the basics of Steamworld Build so that you can be on right track. You need to have these 7 steps in your mind to start a prosperous city in steamworld build.

Set Up Your New Map:

When you are creating your new map you need to prioritize on creating a long artery road. This road will serve as the main pathway for essential civilian buildings.

You can start by placing housing for your worker civilians along this road. Then have some utility stores along the road so that you can generate passive income from them.

Resource Management:

By the time your population will start to grow so you need to manage resources efficiently. You need to find a good spot for wood production; like a patch of trees. Then set up a lumber mill and warehouse nearby that place. Also, you would need to connect your buildings with straight roads and use the move tool to adjust placements. Doing all these things will help you in managing resources.

You can follow these steps to manage resources more efficiently:

  • Pick your starting biome
  • Get farming fast
  • House your workers
  • Prioritize water and power
  • Build Miners’ Quarters and designate mining areas with the Dig Tool.

Expand and Upgrade:

After resource management it is time to expand and upgrade your items. So, start by exploring the map to discover loot balls that contain valuable item. You can improve your things like, service shops, utility stores or expand buildings.

Repair the Abandoned M Shaft:

As you will be progressing in the game you will need to repair the Abandoned M Shaft. This introduces an underground aspect to the game. So, start this by satisfying worker needs, building a charcoal kiln, and setting up a cactus water farm. You can use the move tool to optimize building placement.

Upgrade Workers to Engineers:

Now it is time to upgrade your workers to engineers by fulfilling their needs. This unlocks the ability to repair the M Shaft. Ensure your workers have access to all necessary services and use the move tool to optimize placements.

Explore the Underground:

Delve into the underground area to reinforce structures and discover valuable resources. Use prospectors to identify and extract materials. Create a workshop, mechanics quarters, and scrap extractors to automate resource collection.

Build Bridges and Progress in Game:

Final step in our guide is to craft bridges to span gaps and access new resources. Upgrade your buildings and use paved roads to enhance efficiency. Follow colored wires to unlock new areas and complete the main objective – assembling the rocket pieces.

Some Tips for Steamworld Build game:

You should Build Turrets and Walls to defend against Dust Devils, earthquakes and creatures.

Once you have a stable city, it’s time to start thinking about the future. Invest in research to unlock new technologies and buildings.