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Wild Hearts – How to Get Serpent Slough


The main objective of Wild Hearts is to hunt enormous monsters around Azuma’s many landscapes, but many of the smaller species you come across can also provide valuable materials that are essential for making amazing equipment. Rare resources called serpent sloughs in Wild Hearts are utilized to make hunting-specific equipment. Nevertheless, locating this content will be difficult because it is somewhat elusive. You can learn how to obtain serpent slough in wild hearts by reading this article:

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What are Serpent Sloughs used for?

In Wild Hearts, players have access to numerous significant upgrading materials, including Serpent Slough. But rather than coming from the massive Kemono the player hunts, this upgrade material comes from a much smaller, far more difficult-to-obtain animal.

The Serpent Slough is where you can build armor and weapons, enlarge Dragon Pits, and prepare food. In addition, if players have an abundance of this material, they will be able to craft the Grithide Zukin Armor.

How to Get Serpent Slough

Obtaining serpent slough might appear simple at first. To complete it, the player must kill a Whipthrash Serpent on Natsukodachi Isle, also known as The Spirit Isle. Only on the island can one find these little Kemono, and even then, they are typically scarce. When these creatures are pursued and ‘completed,’ they grant the player Serpent Slough.

Although it would appear simple enough, gamers must take into account a catch when getting ready to finish this work on their own. As players travel through the multiple chapters of Wild Hearts, they will realize that the same animal may yield different items at different periods.

Sometimes the item obtained from a little Kemono slain in Chapter 1 differs from that obtained from the same small Kemono killed in Chapter 4. With the Whipthrash Serpent, this is true.

Before reaching the Spirit Isle, the player must make sure they have chosen Chapters 1 or 2 in the map system in order to guarantee that they will acquire Serpent Slough upon slaying the Whipthrash Serpent. This is because the Whipthrash Serpent will no longer give Serpent Slough as of Chapter 3.


How do you get big scales in Wild Hearts?

Killing little Kemono, such the Sparkshower Monitor and the Springwatch Monitor, yields large scales. But players will only be able to obtain this material from these Kemono once they have completed chapter 3; up until then, you will instead receive Small Scales.

What is the fastest way to get gold in Wild Hearts?

Sell the pieces. People merely ask for your assistance; you’re not a hired hand as you are in MH, but rather the local hero. The Fisherman’s Guild also pays for odd chores, but selling unnecessary pieces will bring you money faster.

What drops pointed scales in Wild Hearts?

When you kill Nightshade or Shardshower monitors, they drop Pointed Scales. Akikure Canyon is home to Nightshade Monitors, which you can access at the start of chapter two, “Ancient Technology.” In the second part of chapter two, Fuyufusagi Fort opens, and this is where Shardshower Monitors first appear.

How do you get demon rock in Wild Hearts?

Stated differently, locate the cavern camp on the lower left portion of the Fuyufusagi Fort map if you’re searching for Demon Rock. You may mine a lot of Demon Rock nodes in the cave system that has a passageway going to it.

How do you get Simian Yin organ gem in Wild Hearts?

As you might anticipate from reading the in-game description of this resource, defeating little Kemono—more precisely, Gemcast Monkeys—will get you access to Simian Yin Organ Gem. The place known as the snow map, or Fuyufusagi Fort, is home to these monkeys.