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Atomic Heart – How to Unlock Hospital Door


Most of Atomic Heart’s riddles consist of locked doors. Players must navigate the Blood Courier and enter the lab to reach the Hospital area of the Pavlov Complex. It has multiple doors that obstruct the passage with Light, Pattern, and Timing lock kinds. You can learn how to open hospital doors in Atomic Heart by reading this article:

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How to Unlock Hospital Door

At the hospital, four doors are locked. The first one, the Blood Courier door, can be unlocked by entering the following code: top right, left, center, and bottom. Connecting the colored dots with the lock cylinders opens the second one. Furthermore, the third door needs to be snapped at the precise moment that the light passes over the cylinders. But the final one needs a key card.

Through Blood Courier Door

Atomic Heart - How to Unlock Hospital Door

Five loot chests are secured behind a closed door in Section 7 of the hospital. Players must complete a light puzzle on the bottom floor of the medical ward in order to open it. Left, middle, bottom, and top right are the codes.

Through Basement Door

Following the walkway at the hospital leads players to a drain system facility in the basement. Here, in order to enter the closed door, they must first crank the wheel that fills the space with water. To unlock the door, they must then snap to the right as the light passes over a locked cylinder.

Through Hospital Section 7 Door

Atomic Heart - How to Unlock Hospital Door

There’s another locked door leading to the basement beside the Blood Courier door. Make sure the colored dots line up with the closed cylinders to unlock it. Press A on the Xbox to move the dots around, then rotate them with the left or right trigger until the door opens.

Through Plyusch Lab Door

Atomic Heart - How to Unlock Hospital Door

The laboratory has the last door to the hospital in the Povlov Complex. It needs a key card but has no pattern or code. Enter the room on the left, raid the closets, and find the card. After getting the key card, insert it into the lock on the lab door to unlock it.


What is the door code for Atomic Heart VDHN?

Located in the VDNH structure. Once inside, you’ll pass by a vibrant display that highlights the Tokamak Complex . Proceed into the hallway behind the display and go through the first door on the left. The code is written on the blackboard in this room.

How do you romance in the Atomic Heart?

Unfortunately, Atomic Heart doesn’t offer any romantic possibilities. One of the most significant discoveries prior to the Atomic Heart finales is the presence of Major P-3’s late wife, Ekaterina.

What is the best melee weapon in Atomic Heart?

When players eventually find the Zvezdochka formula, they will realize they have struck gold in their search for the greatest melee weapon to utilize throughout Atomic Heart. This heavy-handed melee weapon is an improvement on Snowball.

How do you unlock the polygon 11 in Atomic Heart?

It’s just next to the blood-stained gate that has a lock on it. Pick the door and go inside; it will be locked. After removing the inside LAB TECH android, turn to face the dead. The key will be visible.

Who is the hardest enemy in Atomic Heart?

P-3’s first mission introduces her to Sechenov’s “ballerina” twins, the game’s last and most formidable foes. Although they have significantly different skills, both are incredibly nimble and will be challenging to strike with small-arms weapons.