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How to Summon Spirit Wolves in Elden Ring


In Elden Ring, the Spirit Summoning mechanism is an extremely significant component that has the potential to turn the tide of combat. You can inflict status effects against even the most formidable opponents, deliver damage to them, and divert their focus from your attacks by calling forth the specters of mighty warriors and monsters. Spirit Wolves are a great ally due to their high mobility as well as their damage output. They can be called upon in a manner that is functionally equivalent to that of other Spirits. This guide will provide you with the information you need to learn how to call upon spirit wolves in Elden Ring. So let’s get started:

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How to Summon Spirit Wolves in Elden Ring

1. Pay Melina a visit and inquire about Torrent there.

How to Summon Spirit Wolves in Elden Ring

2. You can talk to Renna if you go to the Ellah Church in Limgrave, which is located in the middle of the city.

How to Summon Spirit Wolves in Elden Ring

3. You will receive a Spirit Wolf Calling Bell and some Spirit Wolf Ashes from the witch to take with you on your journey.

How to Summon Spirit Wolves in Elden Ring

4. Find your way to a place where it is possible to call upon ghosts and other specters. The sites that celebrate rebirth are always the most visited types of monuments.

How to Summon Spirit Wolves in Elden Ring

5. You should put the Spirit Ashes into a slot on your equipment that is currently vacant.

How to Summon Spirit Wolves in Elden Ring

6. If you hit the summoning button on your weapon, Wolves should come to your rescue and help you fight the enemy that is nearest to you.

How to Summon Spirit Wolves in Elden Ring


Why can’t i summon spirit wolves in Elden Ring?

Players are unable to conjure spirits when in Elden Ring for the following reason: They are in a zone that prohibits them from doing so. When a player is in a zone that allows them to summon spirits, a purple icon will show on the left side of the screen. You won’t be able to summon anything if you aren’t currently at one of these locations.

Can you summon wolves for Margit?

You can also call forth spirits by making use of any of the Ashes that you have gathered. It is tempting for him to utilize the Lone Wolf Ashes because doing so calls upon a pack of other wolves to attack him. However, they do not deal a significant amount of damage, and they are typically eliminated before the second phase of the battle has even begun.

What is the wolf weak to Elden Ring?

The Red Wolf of Radagon is immune to Magic and vulnerable to Bleeding, despite the fact that it is difficult to really fill the Bleed meter quickly enough to cause Hemorrhaging from Bleeding. Aside from this, though, the Red Wolf of Radagon’s most significant flaw is the limited amount of health it possesses.

Are Lone Wolf Ashes good?

In spite of its name, the Lone Wolf Ashes work with you as part of a small pack. This makes them an excellent choice for providing assistance in combat as they dart in and out of the fray. This is especially useful when dealing with ranged foes or slow-moving targets that are unable to respond quickly to attacks.

What is the strongest creature in Elden Ring?

The Revenant is without a doubt the foe that poses the greatest threat in Elden Ring. When you come across this monstrosity in the game, you should never find yourself in a position where you can relax. The Revenant foe is a tenacious adversary.