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How to Summon Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring


If you are not an experienced fighter, Elden Ring will pit you against formidable adversaries that are difficult to vanquish. You won’t have to defend yourself against all of them on your alone, thank goodness. You can also call upon Spirits to assist you in battle, in addition to recruiting friendly gamers. Akin to the game’s bosses, they are only found in specific open places, such as enemy encampments and legacy dungeons, where they can be encountered. A glimmering emblem should appear in the lower-left corner of the display when you have reached a location that enables you to communicate with Spirits. In addition, it has an arch with an inscription on it. This guide will walk you through the process of calling upon spirit ashes in Elden Ring. So let’s get started:

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How to Summon Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

The method of eliciting Spirit Ashes is not a particularly difficult one to carry out.

1. Go to the menu, and once you’re there, choose the “Equipment” tab from the list of options.

How to Summon Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

2. Find the “Quick Items” option, and then add the Spirit you want to call forth to one of the tabs that are available after you have selected it.

How to Summon Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring

3. To summon someone, just press the button that’s labeled “Summoning.”

4. You will, however, first need to gather Spirit Ashes in order to be able to call upon them whenever it is necessary to do so.


What do you need to summon spirit ashes in Elden Ring?

In Elden Ring, you will require a unique object known as a “Calling Bell” in order to be able to raise souls from ashes. There is only one way that is known to obtain it, and that is through Renna, the witch. You will most likely encounter Renna at the checkpoint located in front of the Church of Elleh Grace.

Why can’t i summon ashes in Elden Ring?

There is a prerequisite for FP to obtain all of the spirit ashes with the exception of one.

You are in luck because there are a plethora of goods that can be equipped to enhance your FP. You need to have more than 660 health points in order to summon the mimic tear ashes, as you will not be able to do so if doing so would result in your death.

How do I use spirit ashes?

In order for players to be able to make use of Spirit Ashes, they first need to acquire the Spirit Calling Bell from Renna at the Church of Elleh [Map Link]. Spirit Ashes, much like Items, can be utilized from either your Quick Slots or your Pouch, where they can also be worn. However, they can only be used while the Multiplayer Coop mode is not active and when the player is in close proximity to a Rebirth Monument.

Where is the spirit summoning bell?

Renna, who can be found at the Church of Elleh in Limgrave, hands these out to the players. After you have learned from Melina how to call forth your Spectral Steed Whistle, you should make your way back to the church. At night, you will find Renna sitting by the ruins. She will be there waiting for you.

Why don’t I have a Spirit Calling Bell?

You will need to have already talked to Melina at your third Site of Grace in order to set off the event that will allow you to get the Spirit Calling Bell. This event will allow you to purchase the Spirit Calling Bell. It is at this location that she will bestow upon you your mount, Torrent, as well as the ability to advance in levels.