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How to take a Screenshot on Windows 7 without the Snipping Tool


Do you need to take a screenshot on Windows 7 without the snipping tool? How can you do this if your computer doesn’t have it installed? There are many different ways that you can take screenshots on Windows 7. You just need to know how! We will discuss three of these methods in this article, and also give some other helpful tips for taking screenshots.

1) Take Screenshot with Print Screen Button: This is the most common method for taking screenshots on Windows 7 computers. If you don’t want anything else included in your screenshot, then all you’ll need to do is press “Print Screen” (PrtScn) once and paste it into Paint or another image editor. If there’s something specific that you want included in the screenshot, then you can use Alt + Print Screen to capture only the active window.

2) You can also take a screenshot of just the current window rather than your whole screen, whether you use Windows 11 or Windows 10. To capture a specific window, press the Alt + Print Screen keys on your keyboard. The operating system saves the screenshot to the clipboard. Paint or any other picture editing software on your PC or device may be used to modify.

Taking a screenshot on a laptop

Laptops are becoming increasingly popular, and many individuals prefer them to desktop PCs. Taking a screenshot on a laptop is typically the same, although it may differ slightly on certain models.

On certain laptops, the PrtScr key isn’t only used for screenshots but it may also be used to do other things. If that’s the case, you’ll need to hit the Fn key along with PrtScr in order to capture a screenshot correctly. Let’s look at how you might use the preceding approaches on your laptop now.


How do I take a screenshot without printscreen button?

To access the On-Screen Keyboard utility, click Start, type “on-screen keyboard” and then press Enter. To capture the screen and save the image to the clipboard, press the PrtScn button. Paste an image into an editing program by pressing Ctrl-V after saving it as a GIF or JPG file.

How do you take a partial screenshot in Windows?

To save a screen to a file, first press the PrtScn button. To save the screen to a file, press and hold the Windows+PrtScn buttons on your keyboard. nUse the built-in Snipping Tool. nUse Windows 10’s Game Bar.

How can I screenshot on Windows without the snipping tool?

The best way to capture a window’s title bar is to press the keyboard combination: Alt + PrtScn. You can also take screenshots of individual windows. Open the window you wish to photograph and hit Alt + PrtScn on your keyboard. The screenshot is copied to the clipboard.